A Little Bit More…

Ok, so I was wrong…

But not by much.

We got up this morning to less than a half-inch of snow on the ground, and rising temperatures.

The pond is already nearly free of ice.


This is the strangest winter…

The upside?

I actually got out to take some photos…

Ah, my Darling Camera! How I’ve missed you! 

There’s a coastal storm forecast for tomorrow…could be rain, could be 8 inches of snow. Could go out to sea and give us nothing.

Time will tell!


30 thoughts on “A Little Bit More…

  1. Great shots again. It is still so strange for me, every thought i know it is strange for you, but even the ice is weird. I hope you get some snow. I will cross my fingers. I know you probably don’t want it, but then again after seeing that photo over at the Iris and the Lily doesn’t that mean big storm.

  2. Love the photos. The snow is falling and they’re calling for about 6 inches, maybe more, before morning. I’ve a late afternoon date with the snowblower. By Sunday, we’ll be back in the 40’s and all of this will probably be gone. “This is the strangest winter…” Indeed!

  3. Hello, I found your blog via Bam’s Kitchen and just wanted to say I love your photos. I’ve never been to Rhode island, and we’ve yet to have any snow this year in Britain. I’ll be visiting again for sure!

  4. I am getting ready for the snow. Bringing wood from the barn to the house. Took a walk on the neighborhood loop with Maddie. Hoe it calms her. She is like a child with te approaching snow, ready to attack Gertie!

  5. Wow, I’m late today!! I love the pictures. The daffodils remind me that I need to take down the dead tops of Lantana. My daffs will be up soon if not already under the leaves. We scrapbooked today and I did not wear a coat. Cold tonight, cool tomorrow. We need rain!! The pictures are wonderful!!

  6. Ah, those in-between times. Not knowing what will happen and when. Such is the cusp of a season. Or the very middle of one when the weather just decides to do whatever it pleases! But at least it let you have a little stroll with your camera, and that can be a very fine thing indeed. Nice shot of that explosive drop falling!

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