Heavenly Potatoes

No doubt about it, this kid’s Irish…

Even though I’m firm about the Two Dinners rule, that doesn’t mean that Angel Face is going hungry on nights when we eat more Grown-Up fare. There’s always a toddler-approved back-up when something doesn’t go over well.

Or for lunch. I’m not a fan of hot dogs and mac and cheese from a box…

More often than not, that means potatoes – her favorite food, bar none.

While there’s nothing wrong with plain old leftover mash, I’ve found a way to dress them up a bit, and punch up the protein.

One egg. One cup mashed potatoes. A bit of fresh parmesan…

Mix well. Pour into a small buttered baking dish. Smooth out the top…

Bake at 350FΒ  for 25 minutes, or until it looks like…

This. (Your time may vary based on your oven, and how much cream/milk you put in the original mash.)

Serve warm. Save in the fridge for later. Make a big batch for your next dinner party – in a jumbo muffin tin, of course. Adults love them, too!

But first, you’ll have to drag the Girl out from under the blanket!


41 thoughts on “Heavenly Potatoes

  1. Those are some good looking spuds and she remains as cute as a button! BUT, and this shouldn’t come as any surprise, your Parmigiano has me entranced! Some things never change. πŸ™‚

  2. No only a toddler but a 30 something love potatoes. I had a bowl of mashed potatoes in the frigand wanted to make fritters for breakfast woke to find the potatoes gone and an empty dish in the sink. Student loans and a car payment bring them home too!

  3. Thanks for pictures of Angle Girl. You did a good job, James. I’m glad to hear that she is branching out in her choices of food. She is adorable. The potatoes sound wonderful. I appreciate the ideas.

  4. I’m a potato girl myself…can’t get enough of them. You are doing such a wonderful job with your cutie. She will be loving everything that you make soon enough because of the effort you are putting into it.

    • You and my Hubby both – he’s the ‘potatoes’ in Meat and Potatoes. πŸ™‚
      I don’t expect her to like everything – we’re all different – but I do feel like doing a Happy Dance with each new taste that’s a hit.

  5. My youngest must have some Irish in her too. She loves potatoes, in any shape or form. Has now moved onto sweet potatoes as well. She loves them baked, and loves mashed potato as well, but alas, her mother can’t stand mashed potatoes, so she only gets that on very rare occasions, then it is a real treat.
    Your little Angel is looking beautiful. She must be very happy with you, she seems to be having a lovely time in your photos.

    • I grew up hating mashed potatoes, too, but then I married this Irishman…Four generations in this country, but the potato thing must be genetic…
      He’s a great cook, too.
      Angel is doing great. Those photos are a couple weeks old, and the improvement even from there is astonishing. I’ll do some of her new ones on Friday, if everything goes according to plan!

    • Thanks, Stefanie – and welcome!
      It’s a fun recipe, and I know a few grown-ups who are equally fond of it…
      Angel is my Hubby’s granddaughter, who is with us for the foreseeable future…we’re working on teaching her about good food.

  6. That sounds very tasty! I totally agree about not making two meals – if my kids don’t like what I’m serving, they can have raw carrots. That’s their only option! There are times my son especially takes me up on it. ALong with milk, I figure it could be worse!

    • It’s so different this time around. I’m not rushing off to work every day, there’s only ONE this time, and I’m no longer married to a guy whose picky eating habits are worse than most toddlers.
      I *do* miss just getting to be Grandmom, though…bake the cookies, plant the seeds, have sleepovers…That’s the hard part.
      Well, one of them, anyway…

  7. She really is showing off her Angel Face here, aglow with being loved and nurtured! My potato fanaticism presumably comes from the Norwegian roots, but then I’m never quite sure, with those busy Celts and Vikings, who “shared” *what* with whom, so it could be Irish somewhere along the line here, too. In any event, your souffled potatoes would be absolutely welcome on our table!!

  8. This is so delicious, sometimes I cook too but I add fresh dill and sliced sausages…. The photographs are so beautiful and your model is so lovely, Blessing her. Thank you, with my love, nia

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