Wildlife Wednesday

With all the mayhem around here at Christmas, I never got a chance to tell anyone about the really cool stuff I got…

Trail cameras had been on my list for a while now. I’m fascinated by the wildlife that roams our property, and I know I only get a tiny little glimpse of the show they put on from my vantage point, so setting up a few automatic cameras (like hunters use) is a good way to learn more.

These today are the first batch from the camera in the back field.

There are lots of these guys (girls, really):

And this character puts in appearances:

Yeah, the time stamp is over his face, but you can all tell who he is…the mask doesn’t help, either.

Sometimes, there’s a shot that will take your breath away:

This is Big Boy, the Alpha Male of our little coyote pack. His coat and his size seem to indicate that he’s not all coyote…or not from around here. All the others have that German Shepherd coloring, and are much smaller.

He’s beautiful.

Come back and pose for me again, wouldja?

(With any luck, and more than a little organization on my part, Wildlife Wednesday will become a semi-regular feature around here…let me know what you think.)


32 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday

    • That’s how it works. The cameras – there are three of them – are all set up in places where I know the animals pass through. The images are captured on SD cards, and we check them once a week. It’s always fun to see what we get, but sometimes it’s just the dog…

  1. Oh yeah, i am for it, show me the wildlife, is this the guy who plays with chloe?! fancy us both having coyotes on our pages on the same day!! awesome. I need to learn more about your cameras tho, I could put them down by the creek.. c

    • This isn’t the one who comes to play – that’s one of the smaller black and tan ones. Big Boy is FAR too important for that (in his mind…)
      I’ll post photos of the cameras themselves next Wednesday so you can get a better look. Hubby got them from a hunting supply place in Michigan, I think. They kindly included a bumper sticker for their store, but I can’t seem to find it… 😉

  2. What a great gift! I see a plenty of wildlife in Michigan but very few coyotes. They’re there just never where they can be seen. A trail camera would be great! Count my vote as one in favor of Wildlife Wednesdays. I look forward to them. 🙂

    • I’ve loved wild animals all my life, too… We have minks around here, and I’m really hoping to catch a shot of them. There’s no way to get them with a regular camera (for me). One glimpse, and they’re gone!

    • Beautiful photos on that post! There’s a buck that size in our neighborhood, too. I see him every so often…
      Yes, I was serious about the coyote and my golden retriever. They stand in the corners of the yard at night, yip/bark at each other, and then run in big circles chasing each other. Over and over.
      We lost our husky mix in August, and I think my golden is lonely. This young coyote doesn’t see her as a threat, just as another dog/sister. If the pack is calling, Cleo stays on the porch, though, and the young one doesn’t come in close.

  3. I love the pictures. I’m sure you may have trouble waiting a week to see what visited you!! It’s good to see the coyote that “greeted” Angel Face when she arrived at your house. Have a good day!!

    • I wish you’d had one set on those plants that kept disappearing from your driveway last year! I’d love to have seen the culprit!
      If you’re interested, a shop that sells hunting gear should stock them, or one for bird-watchers.

  4. I, for one, LOVE Wildlife Wednesday. I may take a cue from you and go off to Cabela’s (not surprising in TX that we should have a GIGANTIC one, but it’s a slight trek from here) for an expedition to get a trail camera: our greenbelt out back must surely have some fun residents that come up to the edges for visits, but thus far they’re quite shy and definitely nocturnal. I would *love* to see the bobcat that at least used to be back there, as proved by the guttural cries I heard when we first moved in and the pawprints in the snow of our back yard and driveway last winter.

    Your Coyote King is gorgeous. He can hardly be blamed for thinking so highly of himself!

    • Trust me, honey…I know all about big outdoors stores. From LL Bean in Maine, to the giant Cabella’s over in Foxboro, we have them, too.
      It would be great to see the bobcat, and there are probably foxes down there, too.
      Big Boy is a beauty, but he has the makings of a ‘problem’ animal. He’s too bold by half – doesn’t even change his course when he sees me looking at him, just stares me in the eyes. His little grey wives and cousins scurry into the brush at the first opportunity.
      Long as he keeps his nose clean, he’s welcome to stay.

  5. Dear Marie, this seemed to me so exciting but also so brave too to take these pictures… You captured such a nice photographs but the number 4 is the best for me, so beautiful. Thank you, have a nice day, with my love, nia

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