Cake Face!

WARNING! Images of extreme cuteness contained in this post!

Proceed at your own risk!

What’s this? Brobie, with fire on top?

So, what do I do with it?


And it’s all for ME?

Ok…If you say so….

Oh, yeah…. I think I LIKE this!

Nope! I KNOW I like this!

Can we do it again?

Like, tomorrow?


32 thoughts on “Cake Face!

    • I don’t know if my daughter even thought about color-matching…she just loves that shirt!
      They actually got that lovely old highchair free, from an older couple whose grandkids were all grown. I like it so much better than the plastic ones…

  1. Got a heads up from your daughter re your latest pictures of Niko and his cake…I had seen the one with cake all over him! Love your comments…looks like he had so much fun…looking fwd to more pictures soon.

  2. Ha! He would fit right into my family, where it is a point of pride when you “look good in everything you eat”. He not only looks good, he looks delicious! What a character, what a doll. πŸ˜€ Looks like some mighty tasty cake, too, and it apparently met with his approval completely. I love the last shot, especially, where he seems just a little stunned by the wonder of it all (or by the sugar)!

  3. We did a similar thing to our first daugther, made her a cake that was just for her, but she wouldn’t touch it, and when we put her hands in it, she started crying, it was all too much for her. Brings back fun memories.

    • Awww, poor kid! I never had one that didn’t like to get messy, but my oldest daughter hated covering her arms and legs…her first winter, she would cry and pull at her sleeves constantly. Getting dressed was not fun until spring rolled back around!

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