Wildlife Wednesday – Birds!

Tried something new this week…and got some decent results.

I tossed some dry corn and seed mix up on the wall to see who would show up. No surprise that this guy was first. He had it all to himself for nearly two days…

Then these characters showed up.

Crows, or Ravens? I’ve never learned to tell the difference…can someone out there enlighten me? What I do know is that they’re HUGE.

The Ravencrows (whatever) got bored after a while. No more squirrels to bully, or something, and other birds began to arrive…

The male cardinal.

The blue jay, having a face-off with our squirrely friend.

Two female cardinals.

And a dove.

In a normal winter, when the ground freezes and the bugs go dormant, I put out seed from December to May. Not this year. Plenty of wild food around for everyone.

But everyone loves a special treat, right?


36 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – Birds!

  1. Looks like the corn cob was gone quickly! I have trouble telling the difference between ravens and crows too. If you heard them, it might be a clue. I think ravens kind of “honk” whereas the crows have the distinct “caw.”

  2. Love this stuff! It won’be long until you’ll be seing some of the migratory birds stopping for a snack — hopefully! As for the difference between the 2, if I remember correctly, a crow says “Caw” while the Raven says “Nevermore.”

    • The chances are getting less and less…but we’ve had big snows as late as mid-April up here, so we’re not out of the woods yet.
      We went to France in early April one year, and spent a week enjoying the flowers and the warmth. When the plane landed in Boston on our return, the pilot announced that the temperature on the ground was 12F.
      There’s a reason no one sings songs about April in Boston… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. What you have there are Cravens. (Too chicken to go hunt their own food and too big to care.) But that’s just my definition. There are great online sources that teach you how to tell a crow from a raven:
    The bill of a Common Raven is larger and heavier, and has a less obvious downward curveโ€”the ravenโ€™s upper bill does curve downward at the end but is more parallel for most of its length.
    A ravenโ€™s throat feathers look shaggy and fluffed out, a feature best seen from the side, in a perched bird.
    The tail feathers of a raven form a wedge shape, while a crowโ€™s tail feathers form a fan, a feature most easily observed when the bird is in flight.
    In flight, the wing of a raven may have a sharper bend than that of a crow, and the primaries, the long feathers at the tip of the wing, are more separate, with space between them.

    Read more at Suite101: How to Tell a Crow From a Raven: Differentiating the Large Black Corvids of North America | Suite101.com http://rosemary-drisdelle.suite101.com/how-to-tell-a-crow-from-a-raven-a34868#ixzz1loyz7tpk

    Fun shots! These are the very critters that hang around our place the most often as well. The ravens and crows don’t come in so close at our place, but circle overhead–I suspect that though they aren’t afraid to pester the hawks and buzzards in flight they really don’t want to go landing anywhere they feel *vulnerable* to them, but I’m just guessing.

    • Thanks for the link, Kathryn. I’ll take a good look when they fly over later – the tail may be the best indicator.
      Our guys travel in a mob, and have no qualms about landing right under the nose (beak?) of any of the local raptors. I once watched a trio of them harass an owl in broad daylight…

  4. I have been gyped here in SW MN – up in the Twin Cities, three hours north, they have cardinals, but down here we don’t – well, I’ve seen one! I get orioles, though, and not much is better than that! Love the pics!

    • I’m really surprised you don’t have cardinals! I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place in the US that didn’t have them…
      We won’t see the orioles til mid-spring, and they’re shy so we don’t see them often.
      What other birds do you get? Do you put seed out in the winter?

  5. wow it is like the mutual of omaha wildlife show just outside your door. I just want to point out something I noticed while living in HK. I have never ever seen any road kill. Why do you suppose? LOL Never mind I don’t want to know. Boy do I miss nature. BAM

    • Thanks, Stacey…Assuming you mean Niko the Tank; he’s my grandson. The Big one is mine (I think he’s pretty adorable, even at 20!)
      Steal away! My camera is a Spypoint, and you should be able to find them at sporting goods stores in your area…the hunters use them a lot.

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