We’ve Got To Get Ourselves Back To The Garden….

What’s my blog about again?

Oh, yeah! I remember!


I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m disorganized, even in the best of times. This has been worse than normal… The seed catalogs arrived right after Christmas, and were stacked neatly (sort of) on the corner of my desk to await inspection.

And there they stayed.

(Don’t panic, John…it’s a plastic spider.)

Three weeks ago, I opened my favorite, ready to make my lists and get my orders in. This was still its position yesterday morning – see how far I got? All the way to C for carrots.

Go, me.

Enough. Time to get cracking.

There are a ton of things to think about when deciding what to grow. What do we eat? What do I want to preserve this year? What are my time limits, space limits, sunlight limits? What varieties have I grown in the past that earned the right to come back, and which ones are Never Agains? What am I dying to try that I’ve never done before?

Most importantly, how many tomato plants can I cram in the garden this year? (Only named varieties need apply – we’re not doing this again)

It only took three naptimes (that’s the new measure of my free time around here) but I got the lists together. Managed to locate a US supplier for the French cucumber that was so successful last year. Chose a pumpkin for the grandkids’ garden. Gonna give melons another go – there’s an interesting short-season type. Got a couple of “Secret Projects” up my sleeve, just to keep things interesting. With any luck – and another naptime – they’ll be ordered by tonight.

Future Home of the Pumpkin Patch. I Hope.

Once that’s done, it’ll be time to start the clearing for the pumpkin patch.

Wonder how many naptimes this is going to take?


32 thoughts on “We’ve Got To Get Ourselves Back To The Garden….

  1. It’s our coldest day of the season with snow and a winter mix forecast for tomorrow. Opening the blog to your beautiful garden, scrolling down to the most beautiful tomato made my mouth water. May I suggest that Uncle James come to play so that you can work in the garden?

    Yes, I know that the local forecasters and very often wrong…. I can hope!!

    • Sometimes Uncle can come, other times, he’s busy. We try!
      Been snowing here all day, but nothing’s sticking. There’s a giant pot of chili bubbling away on the stove, and the house smells great. But the best part of the day was scrolling through last summer’s garden photos!

    • It’s like the gardener’s version of “Pitchers and catchers report on Monday…” When Spring Training starts, your team is undefeated and a Series win is just around the corner…
      I married a Sox fan; can you tell?
      Thanks for your comment, and Welcome!

  2. That’s too funny, I was thinking about my blog the other day and how it has warped, from gardening to food, to life to France to fractures. No focus round my blog! I’m finally going to do some planting, and no I still haven’t finished my orders, and I don’t have your excuse of naptimes 🙂

    • I actually started mine because I didn’t want to join Facebook to be able to tell my family what was going on around here…the gardens and the food became the focus in the process.
      Got the big orders done…we’ll see if I ever get back to the little ones!

  3. I too have been bad in the garden, I just don’t seem t find the time right now. My girls have been taking up so much of it, but now that they are back at school, maybe there is some hope. It will take about a week to weed it though.

  4. Nap time is precious time, that’s for sure! I would like to have a garden. It’s not happening for a few more years, though. I do have several half-whiskey barrels for tomatoes and herbs, and that’s very fun. I might have to add to my whiskey barrell collection this year!

    • My daughter and son-in-law don’t have any garden space either, but we made them some nice little container gardens last year. They had herbs and tomatoes, too. Looking for ways to increase their production this year!

      • Well, the crazy thing is, I do have space – 10 acres! BUT…there’s no water in the back, so we have to get that figured out. Plus, it takes away book-writing time, which is the biggest issue. At least the barrels can be up by the house and aren’t too stressful to care for!

        • I understand compltetly…
          My first thought: Wow! 10 acres! I wish I had that much…
          The second: Wait. I have 4 acres, two of which are house/lawn/ garden, and the other two are a tangled mess…what *exactly* would I do with 6 more? 🙂
          I’ve got raised beds next to the house instead of whiskey barrels, but it’s the same idea.

          • I bet that raised beds look better than whiskey barrels, but it helps to keep the rabbits away, at least. We’re 12 miles out of town, surrounded by soy bean and field corn fields, so there are a lot of creatures that like to eat my plants! A lot of our space is trees and lawn…and 2.8 acres are actually rented to a farmer. Some day I hiope to do the garden thing for real…

  5. Oooh…I love planning so much that even though it’s mostly over, I want to keep going!

    Do you have a tried-and-true dill pickle recipe you wouldn’t mind sharing? I tried my hand at pickles last summer for the first time and they tasted like a whole lot of vinegar and not a whole lot of anything else!

  6. Well, then can I roam beside you? I have come to lose the smog.

    With fresh snow on the ground and the year’s seeds already delivered, there’s little I can do, garden-wise, for a few weeks. Well, I guess I could continue trying to get this song out of my head. 🙂

    • I love that song….sorry if I gave you an earworm!
      Snowed here all day yesterday, but the Arctic cold didn’t arrive til later – we have nothing on the ground to show for it. 17 this morning, wind chill of 5…and back up to 50 on Tuesday.
      Strangest. Winter. Ever…..

    • I had the very same problem. Well, add deer and rabbits to the groundhogs. I’ve dealt with it by putting chicken-wire cages directly around my valuable plants. It’s a little expensive, but you can reuse the chicken wire for many, many years, and it really does keep the animals away. (I’ve heard that letting a dog patrol your garden at night also helps, but I haven’t tried it. My poor pup likes to sleep inside!)

      • Great idea with the chicken wire, Sharon…I did some with hardware cloth a few years ago.
        I don’t have much trouble with deer damage – I think because they never know when the dog is going to come racing out of the house after them!

    • No such thing as critter-FREE, but there’s an organic product called Critter-Ridder that works fairly well. You shake it on the ground around your plants, and when the little monsters scurry across it, it irritates their noses so bad that they don’t come back.
      I also read in a book on organic orcharding that if you plant a ring of daffodils around your trees and shrubs, that the moles and voles won’t tunnel through. Haven’t tested that one personally, but I do know that NOTHING eats my daffs!

  7. I am constantly impressed and amazed, astounded and dazzled by what you manage to accomplish not just in general but especially in the brief duration of Little Miss’s naps! I can’t wait to see how your garden grows, Marie. And the kidlets are going to have a blast with their own pretty pumpkin garden. So wonderful!

    • Aw, shucks, M’am…t’ain’t nothin’….
      Seriously, don’t cannonize me just yet…there’s still a ton of clearing to do before we get to plant up there. One of the ways I keep myself on track is to tell you guys what the plan is – then, I’m committed to the follow-through!

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