Wildlife Wednesday: Prey and Predator

If you attract a prey species – like this Norway Rat (and his many relatives)

Or rabbits – see him on the left? – to the same spot, day after day or night after night…

The predators will catch on.

That’s a mink, in case you’ve never seen one that wasn’t already a coat…They’re all over the island, but they’re shy critters.

The story Hubby’s grandfather told was that, back in the 40’s or 50’s, a Russian immigrant moved to our island, and brought minks with him to raise for fur. There was some kind of dust-up with the authorities over unpaid taxes, and, rather than give the government its cut, the old man ‘went out of business’ by opening the cages and letting all his minks run free…

Is it true? Who knows…

Minks are in the same family as ferrets and weasels. They eat mice, rabbits, rats, and other small animals. They’ll take down full-grown chickens, given the chance.

They are cute, though…

Here’s a closeup:


41 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Prey and Predator

    • I’ll bet you have them in the Mid-Atlantic too, Bonnie…we have lots of them, but they’re seldom seen.
      The most exotic critter I’ve seen around here was a Fisher…they look like giant minks.
      Oh, and every now and then, a pair of otters shows up at the pond. 🙂

  1. That was great, you put that together beautifully. They are cute. We have had minks out here too, They were getting my little chicks for a while until to my absolute horror the big dog killed them off. He is dreadful that dog, he killed one right in front of me once, the moment i saw it and went hey! he saw it too and had it. I was so mad at that dog. He had it shook and dead in seconds. But no more missing baby chicks.. Now that he is older and slower, maybe I will get to see more of what is hiding in the long grass, and I know, probably lose more chicks too.. ah well.. c

    • That was generations ago – if it even happened. Minks are a native species, so there’s no telling. That said, it is NEVER a good idea to simply release captive animals. Most will die quickly, either of starvation or under the wheels of a car. Introducing a non-native predator species to a region can have devastaing consequences…ask Hawaii or Florida about that.

  2. I’ve never seen a mink before…how amazing to be able to be right there!! I love your Wildlife Wednesdays!! We have monkeys running around Dania Beach as the story goes there was a circus like place there and when a hurricane came through and destroyed the place all the monkeys were let loose! Now that’s so amazing to me to be driving along and see a monkey crossing the road!!

  3. It’s getting so that I expect to see a “Mutual of Omaha” Banner across your Wednesday posts. All you need now is another camera set up along the creek “where Jim is tracking …”

    I really do enjoy these posts, Marie. Thanks for taking the time to go through all of the photos just to retrieve these few for us.

        • Is this mom the Linda Leslie that’s a contradance caller? We were friends when I lived in Warren, so many years ago!

          • No, Jane, but I lived in Warren, AR. I was Linda Rogers then. I went to school in second, third and fourth grades. I entered just after the tornado hit in January, 1949. Lois and Floyd Reep were my aunt and uncle. I hope we can make a connection. There are other Warren, AR folks living here.

          • Aw, jeeze – there’s TWO of them? 😀
            I assume you used to live in Warren, RI. Mom’s never lived up here; I got here courtesy of the US Navy. Funny that the town she lived in as a child WAS Warren – just in another state!

            • It was Warren RI where I lived. I also got married in Camden Maine, but we got our license in Warren, ME. At the time, they had a publicity thing with bumper stickers that said “Say Something Nice About Warren” Oddly, my about-to-be-husband’s name was Warren, too.

              I’ve lived in Washington State for the last 19 years. Gardening is easier here, mostly. The weather, too. But it’s nice to see updates on my former home state.
              Thank you!


            • Too funny – all those ‘Warrens’ in one life! I’m in Portsmouth, so I drive past your former digs about twice a month…it *is* across a bridge, you know! 😉
              Glad to have you around here; the garden season is about to begin in earnest!

  4. Ha! Much cuter in its own coat than somebody else would be wearing it, plus I’ve heard it’s *really* hard to find wealthy dowagers who are willing to hunt and eat one’s rat population for free. 😉

  5. Fantastic captures! The best I’ve been able to do are some blurry photos of our mink running across the frozen pond or backing into the meadow when he sees me coming. I’m quite fond of minks as they keep our pond cleared of muskrats (which undermine the dam of the pond).

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