I Just Couldn’t Wait

Do you know what that is?

It’s a soil thermometer.

Can you see what it says?

It says, “Time to plant peas!”

I know, I know… I’m rushing things. It’s entirely possible that Winter isn’t done with us yet. We could have a blizzard, or a month of below-zero temperatures.

But, what if we don’t?

If the moderate temps are actually here to stay, we could be eating fresh peas by the end of April, rather than June…and they would have the opportunity to produce for a longer season, before summer’s heat shuts them down.

My mouth is watering at the thought…

What’s the worst thing that could happen anyway? If they freeze, or rot from excess moisture, I’ll just replant at the ‘right’ time. There are plenty left in the packet for a second sowing…

You don’t think I’m crazy, do you, Cleo?


36 thoughts on “I Just Couldn’t Wait

  1. I know what you are going through….we can’t wait to get our peas started either!!! Jim reorganized the garden space yesterday, and with the weather this weekend in the 50’s, I am sure we will experiment with some ‘earlier than anticipated’ planting!

  2. I’m with you, what is the worse that could happen?
    I was talking to someone yesterday about how our summer has been odd, you could count the number of days over 35 on one hand. This is unusual. We are experiencing a couple of days like that now. I don’t know about you, but our summers have changed over the last few years.
    I hope you are eating peas at the end of April.

    • Our summers have been pretty standard over the last few years, but our winters have been all over the place. Record-setting snow last year, almost none this year…
      Not that we don’t have other winters like this one in the records, but they are rare…

    • I’ve spent the winter kicking myself for not planting spinach last fall (the mild winter would have been perfect for it) and I’m not about to let that happen with spring, too.
      Thanks for your comment, and welcome!

  3. Oh I completely understand, there is no risk if you still have half a pack of seeds on standby. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if you get your peas early!! I might invest in one of those thermometers .. they do look handy, though we are frozen Solid again today, and it is forecast to sit at below freezing all day, so maybe tomorrow for me!! c

    • I held off for a long time on the soil thermometer, but they had them at the feed store last year at a reasonable price…I’m glad I got one.
      Fingers crossed on the peas!
      I have to say, with your latest round of cold and snow, I was afraid your Mama would decide it was time to deliver…good to know she didn’t!

  4. Look at you, you have green grass. The distance from Rhode Island to New Hampshire doesn’t seem so far when you are driving but mother nature thinks differently. We just arrived home and we still have small patches of snow, a frozen pond, and brown grass. Snow is forecast for next week. We still have winter even though it has been the mildest in years.

  5. Peas! Do you put in anything for them to climb on or let them trail on the ground? I didn’t realize how much climbing mine would want to do, and they didn’t seem to like the trellis I gave them.

    • I plant them next to the fence so they can climb, but every culitvar seems to want something different. Still looking for the ‘perfect pea’ for our climate/conditions.
      Peas are going to be tough in Texas – and early hot spell can shut them right down before they ever start to produce. Keep trying – they’re worth it!

  6. Go get ’em, darlin’! What’ve you got to lose? Besides, the sooner they come up, the sooner you can send people out to the garden to Take a Pea. The dorky stuff just never gets old, with me. 🙂

    Cleo is *such* a diva! That is the most perfect ‘boudoir shot’ I’ve ever seen, and she’s ever so much more glamorous and beautiful than all of those over-groomed Hollywood beet-ches, if you know what I mean. 😉

    • That’s one of the things I love most about you – not ashamed of the dorky stuff!
      My Sweet Cleo is a first-class attention-whore and camera hog…I have to crop her out of more garden photos than you’d ever imagine. Sometimes, it’s just too cute to resist… 😀

  7. I don’t think you’re crazy at all. I’m thinking about sowing some lettuce and chard seeds. As you wrote, what’s the worst that could happen? I’d have to replant. No biggie.

    Love that last photo. 🙂

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