The Garden Gate

“Can we go in your vegetable garden, Grandmom?”

“Sure, Angel…”

“Can I open the gate? By Myself?”

“I don’t know… can you?”

“OH! It’s already open! Why is it already open, Grandmom?”

“Looks like we forgot to shut it when we were out here yesterday…

“Look here, Angel. THIS is why we always close the gate:

“So that the rabbits don’t dig in our vegetables…”

Yep. A nice, neat little rabbit’s nest, right in the middle of my overwintered Swiss Chard. They don’t build these until they’re ready to have babies…which puts them at least three weeks ahead of schedule…

If the rabbits think it’s spring, maybe there’s hope for my peas…


22 thoughts on “The Garden Gate

  1. And Angel learns more about nature and the garden. She is soaking up knowledge like a sponge!!! Have a good week, both of you, and Uncle and Granddad, too.

  2. They say animals know better than us, so maybe the rabbit is onto something, and maybe you are more aware than you think.
    Sounds like Angel is having such a fantastic time at your place. She is talking heaps and it sounds like she is thriving in the beautiful safe environment you have given her. She is a very lucky girl.

    • Thanks, Leanne…she’s a joy to have around, at least 95% of the time. Which means she’s normal, thank goodness.
      I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the peas, but I did kick the rabbits out – there’s a whole big yard for them to nest in!

  3. Angel has settled in quite nicely! Such a cutie! I hope your rabbits are more in-tune than a groundhog! I noticed rabbit tracks last Friday & Saturday morning in my front garden and in my neighbor’s back yard. With so little snow, I’ve no idea whether they’ve been around all Winter or are a more recent arrival. No matter. I’m clearing the gardens tomorrow and getting ready for Spring.

    • I haven’t seen many rabbits around this winter, and I’m used to having a dozen or more scatter when the car turns into the driveway. The coyotes seem particularly fat this year, though…:)
      Happy Gardening tomorrow!

  4. I hope you are right about spring being around the corner. I’ve been a little jittery for the past month or so, like we’re going to get a big, unexpected storm that signals the end of civilization.

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