Garden Show 2012

Where’s Wildlife Wednesday? I had computer issues all day yesterday, so it’s going to be delayed until tomorrow…enjoy the flower show, while I go scroll through a billion pictures of mice eating sunflower seeds….

It’s that time again!

The Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden show was last weekend in Providence, and I managed a day away from Grandmom-Duty to go last Friday.

I have to say, it didn’t quite live-up to the extravagance of years-past. There were fewer display gardens (perhaps because the Boston show is back this year), and none of them really pushed the envelope. Lots of bulbs, forsythia, witch hazel, and azaleas – things relatively easy to force into early bloom.

Water features seemed to be the unofficial theme of the show – big, bigger, biggest! – but there were a few other pretties, like this little vegetable garden. Neat, tidy, and highly attractive. Those lettuces look yummy!

(Not that I have anything against ponds and waterfalls, mind you. I was hoping for more edibles, though…)

There was fun to be found, though!

This display was less about plant material than junkyard art. How can you not love it? The turtle in the opening photo was his, too.

Hey, Son-in-Law? Can you make me some of these?

After the gazing comes the shopping! All good flower shows have a marketplace…I replaced some worn-out gloves, picked up a few seeds…

Ten dormant strawberry plants from a Connecticut grower…

And these.

Hibernating Headcrabs? Medusa’s little sister?

You’ll have to wait and see!


39 thoughts on “Garden Show 2012

    • They vary, depending on what day you attend. The Providence show is usually pretty tame, but I didn’t want to take the Wee One and her stroller.
      Boston will be much more crowded, and I’m not sure I’ll even try to get there.

  1. Probably a smart move going on Friday. I imagine it would have been pretty crowded on the weekend. It may not have measured up to shows of previous years but isn’t it great to see so many flowers in bloom? I go to these shows just for that, to remind me that Winter will soon be gone. Although not so necessary this year, most times I really do need the reminder.

    • Saturdays are the busiest, no doubt. It’s always fun to see the colors, and smell the witch hazel (I NEED one of those!), but since there was no trudging through a foot of snow this year, it wasn’t as big a deal…

  2. I’ve never been to a flower show, but thought I will listen out for the next one in Melbourne and make sure I go. It looks fabulous, even though you say not as good as other years. I would love to go to the Chelsea garden show in England one year. Yep, I’ll keep dreaming.

    • You should try to go, if just for the photo opportunities. There are always lots of ideas at the bigger shows for backyards, too, and things to buy.
      I’d like to go to Chelsea someday, too…at least in my head, I would. Not sure I’d really want to be in crowds that big. I do love reading about it online in the British newspapers!

  3. Since I’m far behind, there’s a chance you’ve revealed what those strange looking creatures are in your last photo.

    My eyes zoomed right in on that lettuce. I can’t wait to have fresh lettuces from the garden once again. πŸ™‚

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