Quality (Nap)Time

The stars aligned on Tuesday afternoon.

Decent weather?


Sleeping child?


Grandad home to listen for Sleeping Child?


I was not about to let this opportunity pass, or use the time for something ‘constructive,’ like laundry.

I grabbed the camera, and headed for the back field to see what signs of spring might be found. It was cold and windy, but the sun was shining bright. The little stream that feeds our pond – I’ve been instructed that ‘creek’ is not in common use in Rhode Island, even though that’s the word I use inside my head – was gurgling merrily along, splashing up to freeze icicles onto a downed branch. The glowing-green water weeds made me forget (momentarily) that it was actually still winter.

Further along the mossy bank, in the boggy shade at the foot of an old maple tree, the skunk cabbages are poking their noses out of the mud.

The surest sign of all might be at the tippy-top of the willow trees…

Let’s look closer:

See it now?

How ’bout a leeetle closer?

The pussy willows are budding!



32 thoughts on “Quality (Nap)Time

  1. Wonderful, wonderful spring!! It’s really almost here. The roadsides and wood in North Arkansas are full of blooming plum trees and wild pears. Jack the horticulturist told us last night that the dogwoods are almost ready to bloom. The trip was tough, lots of big trucks and inconsiderate drivers. I LOVE the pictures today, especially the skunk cabbage!!!

    MOM on Nana’s computer

  2. Fabulous you got some quality time, and I can see and feel spring through your photos. Looking forward to seeing the pussy willows in full bloom. Oh and I presume the Skunk cabbage is aptly named?!

    • The pussy willows should come into their own soon – if this awful wind doesn’t rip the fuzz right off them!
      Skunk cabbage is kinda’ stinky – it smells like rotting meat, to attract carrion flies for pollination. When the leaves unfurl in late spring, they look like hosta – but the deer don’t eat them. Bonus!

  3. Absolutely love it! Won’t be long now! I never knew that Rhode Island was creek-free. Is there an organization — like the Sierra Club — dedicated to reintroducing creeks to Rhode Island? A telethon, perhaps? Something must be done!

  4. As a native New Englander I poured through your pictures with nostalgia. Not that I don’t love coastal North Carolina, but this botanist missed some of his old green friends. My mind turned back to a time when I dodged emerging skunk cabbages while trying to outwit early spring brook trout in central Maine.

  5. We have started Autumn here, It is lovely when seasons change. Though like you, not much of a winter, we haven’t really had much of a summer. Love the photos, especially the creek ones. Hope you get more chances like that to go out.

    • Thanks, Leanne. I adore the change of seasons, and I’m SO tired of being cooped up in the house…it’s not healthy for me.
      Can’t wait for it to be warm enough to give the little one a shovel, and show her how to dig!

  6. Is that how big a pussy willow will get? Oh dear, (I think mine may be in the wrong place -laughter) however they are the first flowers for the bees and the bees love them! Loved your wee creek, oops I mean stream, can you say brook, a burbling brook!?.. nap time with a grandad is a perfect time to escape for a wee bit! c

    • Left alone for a decade or more, it’ll get pretty big. The culvert that the creek runs through collapsed many years ago, and there’s been no work in the back field for a VERY long time. We had it replaced two summers ago, but even now, it’s slow-going.
      ‘Brook’ is one of the Prefered Terms…but they’ll always be creeks to me!

  7. All beautiful shots, but I must admit to having quite the soft spot for skunk cabbage. Bit of a smelly customer, yes, but with a bloom so very brilliantly sunny, and I love its big gorgeous leaves.

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