It’s the Little Things…

That make me the happiest.

They’re opening just in time to wish my Nana a Happy Birthday today!


38 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things…

  1. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes from you and your friends. I am having a great day so far. We will go out for lunch, maybe pizza. Tonight we will go to Taco Bell and we will have birthday cake to serve everyone. They can’t wait, have been looking forward for a week. Nana

  2. Lucky! You are so far ahead of us here in Minnesota…though this year will likely be early, compared to usual! A couple years ago we didn’t have flowers until after Memorial Day. Drag. ENJOY! And thanks for sharing the spring through pictures!

  3. Just realized that I did not comment on this one!! The daffs are awesome. Mine are blooming at home. We had 23 people, some of them soggy from the rain, at TB tonight. There was enough cake left for the kids that were working behind the counter. Nana and her friends do this every Sunday night. It’s great fellowship for them. It was great fun. She got four more cards, making 19 in all. Mike called and his card is on the way. Jody called, too. She was thrilled with the blog that mentioned her and for the friends that wished her Happy Birthday. She is now officially 94!!

    On my way home tomorrow!! Weather should be good.

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