Wildlife Wednesday: Of Squirrels and Dead Computers

They show up every morning before sunrise.

And they stay…

…and stay…

…you get the idea.

Some days, they’re the only ones who show up.

What does this have to do with dead computers?

The pictures I had intended to use today were on my desktop computer, which is currently pretending to be a piece of desktop art, rather than a functional appliance.

So we’re stuck with these little monsters.

They are cute. Occasionally.

I suppose that’s good, since they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon…


29 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Of Squirrels and Dead Computers

  1. What a ham, trying to get as much camera time as possible! Is it a Kardashian? I’m not too thrilled with wildlife at the moment. Max finally met one of the area’s skunks last Friday night. It was only a glancing blow but the entire building reeked of skunk. I’m surprised that none have shown up in your recordings. May your good fortune continue!

    • Not sure its um, hindquarters, are big enough to be Kardashian blood – maybe a Hilton? πŸ˜‰
      The skunk population on the island has gone down in recent years, for no apparent reason. When the Chloe-dog was alive, she found them with great regularity…
      Maybe Max learned a lesson?
      (Given that it’s Max, probably not, eh?)

  2. I miss the squirrels when they go away. We haven’t had pecans in several years so not many live around here any more. Your granddad liked to watch them when he came to visit. We used to eat squirrels after he went hunting. Have a good day,

  3. The squirrels do look cute, but I can live without them after they have (over the years) systematically eaten my grape crops and reduced a Magnolia tree in full bloom to a full-blown-not-a- single-flower-left-tree

  4. We were allowed to gather and eat our own hazelnuts last year for the first time ever… but the squirrels are back this year,so that was that! πŸ™‚

    • I’ve made that same comment to UK gardeners about hedgehogs – and gotten the same reaction. They’re cute, as long as they’re not digging up my seeds or eating my tomatoes!
      The big computer seems to be working again – now I have to put all my programs back on it. Or rather, my SON has to… πŸ˜‰

  5. I quite like watching squirrels, theyΒ΄re very entertaining! In London we used to get loads but of the horrible grey squirrel which has taken over London in a rat like way…people hate them as they cause so much damage. Still cute though!

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