Early Spring In the Gardens

It’s here

For. Real.

The garlic is a good four inches out of the ground, both hardneck and soft.

The Swiss Chard (silverbeet) that overwintered in the vegetable garden is putting on new growth. In a week or two, we’ll be cutting it for the table again.

Time to pull the surviving carrots, leeks and beets, and prep the bed for its next residents. The carrots are a little worse-for-wear this spring; their tops having been exposed to the elements all winter, instead of tucked snugly under a blanket of snow.

No big deal – it ain’t a beauty contest!

Over in the Herb Beds, the tarragon is beginning to wake up, and there’s new growth on the sage and oregano. The chives in the front bed have poked their little green noses up from under the straw-colored stems of last year, and the lavender and rosemary are showing signs of life.

We are having the kind of Spring that New Englanders dream about…gentle and soft, warm and (mostly) sunny. The stuff of myth and legend in our part of the world. I could sit under that sky and enjoy the sun on my face all day long…

But, there’s pruning to do….


25 thoughts on “Early Spring In the Gardens

  1. Great pictures!!! I can almost smell the garlic. I’m thinking of Chloe who ate the carrots when I see the overwintered ones. Have a good day,

  2. I know how you’re feeling, Marie! Suddenly we’re having the kind of Spring all of the songs describe. My crocus & daffs are blooming and the lawn is turning green. Green by St. Pat’s!!! Unbelievable! I hope you get some time to enjoy this weather and not just work in it. 🙂

  3. We have had the most mild Winter and now warmest Spring that I can remember…..It’s like living in zone 5!!!!!!! I’m watching for signs of life around here too. Your herbs are farther along then mine. PS If I could move out East, I would do it in a heartbeat. Love your part of the country.

    • It has been SO odd…I’ve only been up here for 15 years, and can remember some isolated ‘hot’ days in March, but nothing like this.
      We don’t even have below-freezing lows in the forecast for the next 10 days!

  4. Must be nice to see everything starting to wake up. We don’t really experience that here. Most of the trees here don’t lose their leaves in winter, most indigenous plants flower in autumn and early winter, it is very weird. It must be so nice to experience that earth waking up from a long sleep.

    • Parts of the Deep South in the US are similar to what you have…the year I lived in Florida, I missed the change of seasons so very much. Moving here, where we have four very distinctly different seasons was like coming home to a place I’d never been. It’s a blessing, to me.

  5. I don’t mind pruning hundreds of apple trees this spring. Many years my feet are so numb from standing in snow…hope this weather continues. I was at our cottage in Maine over the weekend…still 6 inches of snow covering the gardens there.

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