The minute I started talking about having to replant the peas, they poked their little green noses up from the soil.

There’s nothing ‘artful’ about that photo…but just seeing it does my heart good!



29 thoughts on “Naturally….

  1. That is so funny because yesterday, was it yesterday, i half wrote then deleted a sentence to you saying so how are those peas? But then i thought maybe you did not want to talk about it./. God knows i don’t want to talk about my soap failure!! So glad to see them popping up and now i must away into the back of my won garden and plant my sweet peas! c

    • Ok, now it’s DOUBLE-funny, because I have nearly asked you about the soap several times lately…It’s a ‘better luck next time,’ I take it?
      Happy planting – we have 70F and bright sunshine today!

    • Yep! These guys stuck their noses up the very next day, but not enough to see in a photo until Sunday night!
      I adore fresh peas – just barely cooked in butter, with some fresh mint thrown in at the end….Mmmmmmm.

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