Wildlife Wednesday: Oh, Deer….

In the wee small hours on St. Patrick’s Day…

A visitor appeared.

She posed quite nicely for the camera on the wall, at four minutes past midnight.

A few hours later…

She was at the pond.

Seems to be listening intently, ears pitched towards the house…

Judging from the time, I’d wager she heard a certain blonde dog being let out to run. She was gone two frames later…

Less than an hour later, she turns up in the back field.

“How many of those things ARE there?” she seems to be thinking…


25 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Oh, Deer….

  1. Wildlife Wednesday…. I look forward to it every week!!! I love the deer. Wonder where her family and friends were? Maybe later in the spring we will get to see fawns!! have a good day!!

  2. Are you going to feed them this summer? When I lived in the States we used to live in a house that backed up to State Land. I had frequent visitors every morning. I did not feed them in the winter or fall as I did not want them to end up in the hands of a hunter but used to give them lots of apples and carrots in the spring when they had their babies.

    • No, it’s illegal to feed them. Our island is overpopulated with deer, and so thickly-settled that culling them is difficult. It has to be survival of the fittest for them.
      I also don’t want them to think they can help themselves to my garden!

    • We’ll see if she comes back!
      Even though we techincally live ‘in town,’ it’s still pretty rural. There are several species that live around here who have yet to turn up on the camera, like the wild turkeys.

    • Will do, Linda, but I’ll answer here as well, in case anyone else is looking for that information…
      The cameras are from a company called Spypoint. (www.spypoint.com) They have several different models. Mine have a rechargable battery and a solar panel to keep it charged.
      I don’t know if that link works, but it should.

  3. I too am becoming addicted to wildlife wednesday.. and I think today was the best one so far, you must have hooted with excitement when you saw her appear at number three.. So Bambi! c

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