Out With the Old…

Early-season planting has begun, well ahead of schedule.

Before we can go any further, the remnants of last year’s garden have to come out…

Lucky for me, I have such good help this year!

She was just a bit skeptical when I told her what we were going to the garden to find…After all, carrots come from the refrigerator, don’t they?

She’s a fast learner, this one. I do wish I’d had a third party along to get a shot of her face when the first ones came up out of the ground!

Good practice for next month’s Easter Egg Hunt, eh?

They would never win a ribbon at the County Fair, but scrubbed, steamed, and dressed with a little butter, they win the Most Important Prize of All – the Happy Angel!


28 thoughts on “Out With the Old…

  1. This post bought a tear and a smile. The simple pleasures in life seen through a child´s eye. You are doing so well with her, I have nothing but admiration. PS. Great carrots…they don´t need to be beautiful to taste good!

  2. Great pics! It looks like you’ve got quite the helper there. Just look how she lugs her brown & yellow basket. See how proudly she show off her carrots. She’s obviously got the gardening gene.

    Thanks, Marie, for sharing these with us. They sure did bring a smile to my Friday morning.

  3. The photos are wonderful. She has changed since you last posted pictures. I would loved to have seen her face when the carrots came out of the ground,

  4. What a lovely story. Do carrots grow through winter?
    She must be having the time of her life at your house. I hope you are coping as well. Not sure I could, though with my daughter at the moment it is like having a toddler again.

    • Carrots can grow through winter; in fact, the chilly temperatures make them sweeter. You should try some in a big pot of dirt by the back door, if you’re so inclined!
      She’s having fun, and we’re coping well…She’s turned out to be an ‘easy’ child in most respects. I’ll send you an email this weekend when I get a free minute or two…

  5. Hooray for happy Angels! I thought to pull up my carrots a few weeks ago (all two of them) and they were carrot-diameter, but maybe half an inch long! I laughed and re-buried them.

    • Are you sure you didn’t plant Thumbelina carrots? They’re supposed to look like that…
      We had a few teeny ones, but they had to just head for the compost pile. It’s time to clean out, and start fresh!

      • Pretty sure. I actually sowed a couple hundred seeds in the fall, and then a thunderstorm promptly rolled through and washed all away save two, apparently.

        When did you sow yours?

        I sowed a new batch a few weeks ago, and a bunch of them have come up. I’m hoping they get at least baby-carrot sized.

        • I planted those mid-summer – end of July, maybe? I finally realized that we just don’t eat many carrots in the spring and summer, we opt for the more-tender veggies then. Most of them stay in the ground all winter, if the voles and rabbits leave them alone.
          Good luck with your new batch!

  6. A magical moment! I never forget taking my neice and other friends kids to the allotment to go on a treasure hunt for potatoes, they all stand back, a bit cautious at first, but after the first forkful is lifted they dive right in, scrabbling around in the dirt, searching them out like prizes.
    as to getting out in the garden for a clear up – I know how goo dthat feels too 🙂

  7. Joy abounds! The magic of pulling a carrot out of the dirt trumps pulling a rabbit out of a hat! Angelface is clearly a wonderful and inspiring junior partner in the enterprise. Happiness indeed.

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