The Week That Was(n’t)

Holy Cow, what a week… Not one I have any desire to repeat anytime soon.

Or ever.

Let’s start with Monday, since that seems to be when it all went pear-shaped….

Without going into too much detail, there was an issue involving Angel’s parents that took all my time and energy. It’s not really resolved, but this isn’t the place to talk about it. If a few extra minutes present themselves (HA!) I’ll write more about it on the Other Blog…

Kinda’ cool that I haven’t had to use that space to vent since the week she arrived.

Monday night, Winter returned to our region. Fortunately, the apple trees have had the good sense to hold off a little longer on blooming. The stalwart little pea shoots held their own against the cold with no help from me. The 40mph winds would have ripped away any cover I could have provided for them.

Tuesday, I threw everyone in the car and escaped to the Butterfly’s house.

Good day.

Long day.

More on that another day. I hope.

Wednesday morning, we took Angel to visit a preschool.  She was overjoyed at the idea of going to school, and she’s talked about it constantly ever since. We’ll be visiting others in the next few weeks.

Wednesday is Grocery Day, too… Tried to wing it without a list. Not smart in the middle of a distracting, stressful, busy week. I’ve already been back once, and will probably have to go today, too.

Nothing interesting on any of the trail cameras, but the mallard was willing to pose for me.

Thursday. Paralyzing inertia sets in… Chores have piled up. Where do I start? Laundry? Garden? Blog post? Read all the other blogs? Go through the photos I took on Tuesday? What’s for dinner?

Naturally, I reverted to form, and did None Of The Above…

Well, except for dinner. I did manage that.

Which brings us to today, Friday. It’s bright and sunny, but cold. There’s a chance of rain tomorrow, maybe mixed with – ugh! – snow. Back into the mid-50’s for next week.  My brain has momentarily stopped racing around, and I’m back to being (somewhat) productive. With any luck, I’ll be back to normal – whatever that means – in another day or two.


35 thoughts on “The Week That Was(n’t)

  1. I’m glad you are back blogging. I’ve missed you!!! Even though we spoke on Tuesday for a minute. I hope things get better soon. I hope your weekend goes better.

  2. Beautiful photos…I’m glad you had a few minutes to share them with us. I think our apple trees will be OK. I got down to 19 one night, we have had a dusting of snow and sleet but as long as it doesn’t get any colder we should be alright. Mine are at the tight cluster stage as well. What I worry about are the pear trees as they are the first to bloom.

    • We were forecast for 24, but the lowest it got was 28. The apple trees look good, and the peas. I’ve given up worrying about the pear tree; it never gives us much fruit anyway…
      Hope yours are all ok!

  3. You were missed. Stuff happens an it sounds like you dealt with it admirably. Don´t put yourself under any additional pressure stressing about blogging and reading etc. Real life is way more important. PS. Love the mallard and the daffs!

    • Thanks, Tanya. I don’t really pressure myself to read, but I miss you guys terribly when I don’t get to it.
      What I really hate is when I just freeze-up and do nothing but stare at the screen or play solitare or something else useless, rather than tackling a job or two…It’s like my brain can’t pick a starting place, so it goes into hibernation or something…

  4. Sorry to hear about your stressful times, I hope it all works out for the best.

    I am going to be stealing “inertia day” as a thing. I have those myself and had yet to find a good name for them when referencing their appearance to others.

  5. I am so with you. I’ve had a week like that, actually I’ve had almost 6 months of it. With my daughter everything is so up and down. She has entered a really sad phase and well, now we are worried that she will really harm herself. but enough about me. I just wanted to say, I’m with you in spirit, and we can both get through it. We are both very strong women.

  6. Marie, I am right there with you as having a week I never want to complete again. Friday night I started with happy hour and have been enjoying a long happy hour ever since. Monday will be a rude awakening. Take Care, BAM

    • Thanks, Linda – even virtual hugs are good!
      You’re so lucky to have Misty and her family just across the field. Every kid should have a Grandpa who can make a private road for them the way Terry did last summer!

  7. I am so glad to find I’m not the only one who resorts to None of the Above when things get a bit overwhelming. Makes me feel almost normal. 😉

    I love your daffodil and mallard shots. I hope things have settled down on all the other fronts.

    • I think there are more of us that react that way than we’ll ever know…At least you and I can admit to it, even if it’s not our best character trait. 🙂
      Things are better this week…only one minor emergency so far, and it was the dog this time!

  8. My sweet, given all that you do, it would be a miracle if there weren’t some times when the stress and effort overwhelmed you. I only hope they’re as few and mild as possible, and send you much love and many virtual hugs to help you through in my own tiny but hopeful way. You are such a gift, and a gifted woman. May there be peace and joy and renewal to supplant all of the trials.

    • Thanks, Kathryn. It *does* help, as I’m sure you know, to know there are folks “in my corner,” even if we’ve never had a chance to share a cuppa’ in person! Having a chance to visit with you at your blog on those Paralyzed days helps get me going again. Thank YOU.

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