In With the New

Now, what was I going to tell you about before all Nine Hells broke loose?

Ah, yes…the things that are up-and-coming in the gardens, beginning with the peas. Though this was taken a week ago, they haven’t gotten much bigger since.  The cold temps have slowed them down, but they’re coming along even better than I’d hoped. We won’t be eating peas for Easter Dinner, but I’ll lay odds that there’ll be at least one meal’s worth by the end of April!

I managed to get one of the Big Projects started last week; the Mushroom Bed.

It was easy once I had all the pieces to play with. One Bale of Straw plus One Box of Mushroom Spawn in Sawdust…

Plus a bed full of compost and organic debris, all mixed together equals a mushroom bed. We hope.

Yeah, I even planted the box it came in.

Why not? Cardboard composts….and maybe there were more spores stuck to it. Wouldn’t want to lose a single molecule!

We got all but one of the five main beds cleaned out, and planted Spring Mix lettuces, spinach, radishes, and arugula. Angel helped plant the seeds. No photos – my hands were otherwise engaged.

She loved it, and keeps asking when we can Do More…

I know you’re all jealous of my Designer Row Markers…

She must be going through her Blue Period right now. Maybe the next batch will be red.

I wish I had just one-tenth her energy…


25 thoughts on “In With the New

  1. I remember your garden from last Summer, Marie. You’ve got an enviable amount of space and it’s very well utilized. Add one energetic helper and you’ve pretty much got it made — on paper, anyway! I’m really looking forward to seeing your mushroom patch develop.

    • The brick raised beds are a compromise between Hubby’s need for order and my “Gotta’ have one of each!” approach to growing. It was a worthy investment….
      Fingers crossed on the mushroom patch!

  2. The garden looks great. I’m anxious to see the progress of the mushroom bed. Angel looks busy!! She’s a cutie. I noticed the purple tub she is dragging. I hope you all have a good weekend….. and week!!

  3. I am looking forward to seeing how the mushrooms turn out. We have to grow them in cupboards to keep the light out. That’s what I thought. Love the artist making your row markers into unique works of art. Maybe she will grow up with a love of gardening as well.

    • It’s a different kind of mushroom from the white button ones – those DO have to be kept in the dark. These are intended to be grown outside. Fingers crossed that it goes well!
      Whether or not she grows up to love growing things, I want to give her every opportunity to learn abotu and fall in love with the outdoors. So far, so good!

  4. I live your raised beds- they look so orderly! And it is so exciting to see the mushroom bed; now we get to wait for the fungus to emerge.
    We have lots of wild peas around (with lovely purple flowers) and I always compare their progress to the peas I’ve planted. This year we’re neck and neck, but like you, a while away from a bowlful at table.

    • The raised beds are to soothe my Hubby’s sense of order (I’m more likely to say things like, “Oooh, Dirt! What can I put there?”) but they are so useful. They warm up much faster than the rest of the yard…
      I can’t wait to have fresh peas – some years they don’t ripen until July.

  5. I love the photo of your little Angel helping, just adorable.
    Looking forward to seeing those beds fill up and can’t wait to hear how your mushrooms get on, it’s something I’d love to try but need to read up on it first and try and figure out the ins and outs. I guess that makes you my mushroom guru 🙂

  6. The little Angel seems to be thriving in the backyard. It is always wonderful to have a little helper. I know she will be thrilled when the seeds start growing.

    • For the first time, I’m wishing we had a fence, so she could play independantly out there…just run in and out the door at-will on warm days.
      She’s not terribly interested now that the seeds have sprouted. The eating part will thrill her, though!

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