Tender Young Things

Spring is arriving…

Tiny, tender leaves are shrugging out of their winter jackets and stretching in the sun…

It’s amazing how much bluer the sky seems after three days of gentle rain and clouds.

The maple trees here are just beginning to flower…

I was on the Mainland last week, where they’ve had much warmer days. The trees there are well-past ours. Most of their fruit trees are in full bloom.

Inside the house, our own Tender Young Thing met Magic Markers for the first time yesterday…

She had a very special gift to make for a Not-So-Young-and-Tender Thing…

Happy Birthday, Grandad!


29 thoughts on “Tender Young Things

  1. Ah -. the fun you can have with a magic marker. Especially if thereΒ΄s a nice plain wall just standing around! I love that you are doing all the things that a child of this age should be doing…so sad in a way though that some of these simple pleasures are new to her.

    • Ha! Does THAT bring back memories! My Oldest was a champ at making sneaky drawings on the walls behind her bed…Since I don’t have two younger kids running around this time, I can supervise this one a bit more closely…
      But, just to be sure, we’re getting a set of Washable Markers this week πŸ˜‰

  2. Those little plant markers decorated with magic markers will look fantastic in the garden, i am so glad your wee corner of the world is heading up into the sunshine.. lovely.. c

  3. I love this time of year, before things like leaves, green grass, and birdsong, to name a few, become old hat. And when you mentioned your Angel “met” magic markers, I envisioned a clown-colored face or Jackson Pollock-like fresco covering a wall. The truth was so much better — and far less frustrating for you, to be sure. Happy birthday to Grandad!

  4. An artist in the making. πŸ™‚
    The trees here are all starting to change colours and drop their leaves. Of course not all of them so, actually vast majority don’t lose their leaves. It must bring joy to you see the buds and to know that most of the cold weather is behind you.

  5. Lovely pics of nature and a beautiful child :-). We had a very long stretch of unusually warm weather in March and the trees are budding and bulbs about to bloom. Eighty-two degrees on Sunday and lo and behold there is snow today. Thankfully, it will be short-lived here in Colorado because the sun will shine brightly tomorrow and the temps will be back in the 70s. Hopefully when that happens our blossoms will not have been lost.

  6. It has rained all day, Dallas is having tornados, Marilyn is somewhere between DC and OKC. I have to go feed the cats. The pictures are great and Angel’s drawings are wonderful. This is the closest picture in a while and her hair is showing it beautiful almost red color. She is sure having fun.

  7. So fun! How can anyone not love spring?! I must say, I always appreciate that your blogs have great photos and aren’t too long…thank you!

    I took some pictures like that today – of flowers trees! Must post them asap!

  8. Wonderful, wonderful. A very happy belated birthday to Grandad, though I know my greeting can’t possibly compete with Magic Marker art by a young talent like Miss C. Beautiful!

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