Wildlife Wednesday: Daytime Deer

What’s the rush?

Ah, she’s always like that…I don’t know what gets into her.  I just follow along at my own pace.

Eventually, she slows down, and I catch up…

Or, I wait in one spot ’til she comes back.

At least there are plenty of munchies around here.

Shouldn’t be too much longer before we start seeing fawns… 


31 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Daytime Deer

  1. Fawns .. how exciting.. Yesterday I stopped in my tracks as I was carrying a bucket across the quad and thought Oh No it isn’t wednesday is it. After a period of puzzlement i concluded that no it was Tuesday. Safe. On Wednesday i have your wildlife post and ChgJohns weekly post to look forward to. Wednesday is my favourite day. How lovely it would be if we saw fawns! c

  2. I never tire of watching deer — unless they’re along the roadside. Don’t want to see them at all then. There are a few old apple trees around Zia’s property in Michigan and they draw deer all through Winter. Can’t wait to see “your” fawns.

  3. Are these living close to your home? How wonderful. They are such a beautiful and graceful and pretty looking animal. You have captured them well. I could stare at your images for ages. Happy Easter!

  4. I live right up against Rosevelt National Forest in the Rocky Mountains. We had a small herd in our yard with a cute fawn. The little one was hilarious and all legs. I did not get great pictures like you did!!

  5. Oh I’m late and I’m playing catch up – Wildlife Wednesday is always a treat day for me too. The pictures have a touch of the unearthly – the way the camera captures the background with the deer in the foreground. Beautiful. And yes please to fawns!!

    • Sometimes these camera catch things in an almost painterly way…there are some from the pond (tripped by the wind, not a critter) where the light makes it look like an enchanted realm instead of the mudhole it is in reality. I’ll run them some week when nothing of interest shows up.
      As for the fawns, I’ll have a talk with upper management and see what can be done… 😉

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