It was cloudy and windy for most of the day here yesterday, with temperatures in the high 40’s.

Not EGGS-actly good outdoor hunting weather!

An hour before sunset, the clouds cleared, the temp spiked to 60-ish, and I grabbed a few minutes outside with the camera. Angel’s radishes (above) are coming up!

Along the fence, the peas continue to do well. I’m beginning to think we may be past the danger zone here…

Protip for new gardeners: If the green you see in the bed is in a straight line, it’s what you planted, not a weed…Sounds like a no-brainer, but a woman I used to work with once pulled up all of her newly-sprouted lettuce.

Up at the top of the yard…

The asparagus is rising!

Oh, Happy Day!

This is only the second year for it, so we won’t be eating any this spring. I’m just thrilled that it survived our snowless winter.

So, you might be asking, where was Angel while Grandmom was running around the yard?

Totally unwilling to change out of her Easter Finery and come outside.

Princess’s prerogative, I suppose!


34 thoughts on “Easter

  1. The veggies look wonderful. I’ll bet Angel is proud of her radishes. She sure is cute in her Easter clothes. Have a good day!!

  2. Yay for asparagus! This is the first year we can pick ours with abandon, and I have to say it is well worth the wait. And what a gifted young monarch to have great fashion sense and a green thumb too! (I like your garden tip, too- I used to eschew rows until I realized how much easier it was to weed them.)

  3. Radishes are great as they grow so quickly. Was having a little giggle about the woman who pulled up her lettuces 😦 Oh dear! And Angel looks wonderful, I´d have stayed in my outfit if I´d had one like that too!

  4. “Princess’s prerogative”, indeed! Such a cutie! Good news about the asparagus; won’t be long before you’ll not just watch them grow but you’ll harvest ’em, too. Sometimes, gardening takes such patience!

  5. Well, I don’t blame her. She’s too cute to change out of her Easter finery. 🙂

    Your asparagus is lookin’ good! Mine is raising its little heads, too. We should be eating it soon.

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