Headcrab Rising!

The first of the Headcrabs is emerging from stasis…

Any ideas?

Ok, couple of hints: It’s a perennial edible. We think of it as a fruit, even though it’s botanically a vegetable. We associate it with early spring…and strawberries.

Anyone? (Claire? I bet you got it….)

Apologies to everyone who was expecting Wildlife Wednesday…I haven’t had the chance to go through the camera images yet, having spent most of the last week in my car, or jumping and running in answer to the cry, “Grandmom! I need to go POTTY!” Hopefully, tomorrow…


30 thoughts on “Headcrab Rising!

    • I just reaized I forgot to link to the original post where I called them Headcrabs…
      Fixed now.
      Not that it will have anything to do with what you found on Google…that’s a joke for my kids andother Gamers.
      Yep, we’re a tad busy around here! 🙂

  1. WIldlife Wednesday can wait; you’ve got your hands full right now. Sounds like your Li’l Angel is making progress, though. Good for her … and better for you! 🙂

  2. I’m glad SOMEBODY knew what that thing is!!! I certainly was not going to be me. I look forward to it growing. I hope you’ll post pictures occasionally for your OLD mom who has never seen rhubarb grow. Grams made rhubarb pie once and I liked it!! YEA for Angel.

    • Funny, my girls were much easier than my son…Gave ’em M&M’s for victories, and it was pretty much a done-deal.
      This is our granddaughter, and it’s a little slower-going with her. She’ll get there, though.

  3. I’m guess rhubarb too, as we have the same thing! Did you know that you’re not supposed to harvest it the first year you plant it?! Or…maybe just a little…definitely not too much of it. At least…that’s what I’ve heard from several sources…

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