Isn’t it beautiful?

Those are the same spears as in the last asparagus photo I posted, exactly one week later. I love the way they just rocket out of the ground!

Robin in Ohio was kind enough to send me a link to Ohio State’s Ag Extension page on growing asparagus at home. After years of research, they determined that there’s no need to wait for the third year to harvest…

Aren’t blog-friends the best?


Ok, maybe a few more days before there’s enough for a meal…

But it’s a start!


28 thoughts on “AHHH-sparagus!

  1. I am envious! I have just planted an asparagus bed this week. Just another 2 years to wait for those first spears…

    • Take heart! I was just told last week that I could do a short harvest this year (the second after planting) without hurting them. As long as they grow well for you this year, you’ll have 3 weeks of picking next spring…
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Aaahhhh, butter and lemon please! Now that’s a great blog friend, you can buy 2 year old root/spears to plant which I’m going to try this year, so come next Spring I could be demanding butter and lemon too !

  3. LOL! Your first pick was double mine. lol!! But my second pick was enough to feed four of us with some leftovers. In spite of the cold that moved in, it’s still growing fast and furious.

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