The Horse With the Funny Name

Everyone, meet Cheeseburger.

Cheese, everyone.

Niko-Man brought his Mama down for a visit last weekend. His Auntie Rachel invited all of us to the barn for a little meet-n-greet with the newest member of her menagerie.

This was old hat for our Little Man.

Not so much for his cousin…

This was all new for her.

As enchanting as the big brown horse was at first, Angel’s fascination didn’t last long.

But there are LOTS of interesting things in a big barn…like kitties…and swallows in the rafters…

And dirt.

LOTS of dirt.

Wasn’t long before she had company.

Is there anything better than a cousin that will dig with you?

Angel would have sat there all day, but Niko had other ideas.

He was off to find the next adventure!



18 thoughts on “The Horse With the Funny Name

  1. Niko sure has grown, Marie, since last we saw him! And Angel looks right at home, as any child would, just sitting there playing in the dirt. Thank goodness there wasn’t any water around — or that “someone” prevented them from getting near it — cuz we all know that making mud pies sure is fun!

    • My daughter tells me she came with the name, and it was too cute to change. She was a ‘Free Horse’ from a friend who couldn’t afford to board her anymore.
      There are some very fun things about this age – true. But, there’s also potty training, two year old tantrums, etc… Not where we expected to be at this point in our lives! She’s worth every minute, of course!

    • Mine all grew up in town, but my oldest took to horses like a fish to water. She worked the enitre summer when she was 14 to earn the money for her first horse, and has never looked back.
      We don’t have livestock, but her niece and nephew get to visit her horse barn every now and then.

  2. I thought my son would really enjoy coming to the barn with me to see all the beautiful horses, but he too preferred the dirt lol horse-shmorse!

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