Wildlife Wednesday: I Have a Wren Problem

Nothing on the trail cameras this week, other than a bunch of rabbit-shaped blurs…We’ll do this one the old-fashioned way.

Isn’t that cute?

If you were a tiny bird that liked to build nests in cramped spaces near buildings, wouldn’t you want to live here? I know I would…

But the wrens prefer this:

My equipment shelf, just outside the pantry door.

Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, if they weren’t such skittish creatures. For two years in a row, they have nested here. As the weather warms, and human activity increases – um, I actually do need those clippers and empty pots! – the adult birds get scared and abandon the nest, eggs and all.

I bought the Wren Pot last spring, after finding yet another clutch of left-behind eggs. In hopes of encouraging them to rebuild in the pot, I moved the old nest near it, wiring it into the rosebush, plastic nursery pot and all.

Fingers crossed.

Two weeks ago, I noticed the adult birds making multiple trips into the region of the shelf. Building again, in the same spot.

Wrong. BUILT again…

I had hoped to find and dismantle the beginnings of a new nest. Too late. The nest was complete. And inside…

Looks like spring was early for more than just the plants!

The little ones fledged on Friday, and there’s been no other activity around the nest. I haven’t moved it yet. Legally, I’m not supposed to touch it, but I’m going to have to get in there before long…

At least the Pot is pretty, even if no one ever uses it!



18 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: I Have a Wren Problem

  1. Ah! The best laid plans of mice and wrens…
    So glad they didn’t abandon this year’s eggs nor brood. They probably saw how well you look after your Li’l Angel and decided they were safe there. 🙂

    • Very punny, John…
      The little ones didn’t trust me so much that they’d sit still while I fished two of them out of the trash can we use for long-handled tool storage. They’d been stuck in there for hours, and I couldn’t take the noise anymore…
      Silly birds! 😉

  2. The pot is very pretty! My Dad once spent hours and hours building a beautiful dovecote… it really is fabulous…. Five years later and still no single dove has even sat on it! (Although there are plenty around!) Ah, the wonders of nature!

  3. Birds can be funny creatures. You have to wonder sometimes if they really do want to reproduce. We have some building nests in places, like the outside awnings, so when you pull them down they are destroyed. What can you do?

  4. I have two lovely big, dried gaurds (did I spell that right?!) that I want to make into nesting sites but I have a feeling I’m a) too late and b) that they won’t use it anyway! But yes…your pot is very cute!!!

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