Green and Growing in the Gardens

The wind and sun decided to cooperate for a few hours…The wind died down to a gentle breeze. The sun chased away the lingering clouds. The early lettuce basked in the glow…

Up in the garlic bed, the leek seedlings are up and thriving, filling the space between the hard and softneck garlics…

Which are shooting skyward at a record pace. From the girth of the stalks down near the base of the plants, it looks like it’s going to be a banner year…I’m expecting scapes in the next few weeks!

Patches of wild strawberries dot the lawn (or, what passes for ‘lawn’ at our house). We don’t get many of these sweet little jewels to eat, but they’re popular with the honeybees right now. Later, the rabbits and other critters will get most of the fruit. We treasure the few that arrive on our table in the mornings…

The rhubarb is making progress, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be eating any this spring. I thought we’d have to wait for next year, but had kinda’ hoped for a stalk or two. Only two of the three I planted came up, but I’m not going to complain. They’re as beautiful as they are (will be?) tasty.

Still one bed to finish clearing in the kitchen garden…but not today. The wind is picking up again, and I just heard a cry of, “Grandmom…I’m awake!” from the direction of the house…

Oh, well. I won’t need the bed for two more weeks….


30 thoughts on “Green and Growing in the Gardens

  1. Well, the weather may not be cooperating but the signs of Spring are alive and well in your garden, Marie. Your garlic bed is the stuff dreams are made of. We have wild strawberry patches in Michigan, too. One of my dogs once rolled in one, unbeknownst to me, and came into the house with this back covered in red. We all thought he’d been attacked by something,

      • We were lucky. “Bully” was a cairn terrier and I let him in via the kitchen door while we were having breakfast. I saw the red as he passed me and Mom jumped up to help. 2 seconds later we were both laughing as I carried him to the laundry tub. The only thing stained was my t-shirt.

  2. I love the sunlight in the photo of the lettuce, it just warms me up. Lovely to see everything filling out. And our garlic is starting to fatten up, but it’s another 6-8 weeks befor eit will get pulled, and I don’t think I planted enough – grrrrrr !

    • There’s NEVER enough garlic…even with the new, bigger bed, I doubt we’ll make it all the way through from one harvest to the next.
      I’m thinking that lettuce photo might have to be the new May header…I’m loving it, too!

  3. It´s all looking grand and very happy! We have had four seasons of weather here today including thunder and hailstones, but the garden and veggies seem to have survived their bashing!

  4. It made me chuckle to see you garlic coming in strong…. Guess what? I am so excited as yesterday I went to the flower market in HK in Mongkok and I found a Thai Basil plant. Woo Hoo

  5. Isn’t it exciting when the wind does down!! Like living somewhere new! Your garlic is looking grand, i am hoping for a bumper year too! morning honey! c

  6. Beautiful lettuce. Mine hasn’t popped up yet. We’ll be putting the broccoli out soon, but I’m afraid it might already be too hot for it. Crazy weather.

    • Right now, I’d LOVE to have a few too-hot days…it’s been damp and chilly for a week, now.
      I’ve been using a mix called Heatwave Blend from Cook’s Garden for summer lettuce, with really good results. They also have a Summer Lettuce Mix that’s not quite as heat-tolerant, but does well in our normal summer weather…

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