Wildlife Wednesday: A Mix of Old and New

He’s back…and he’s eating my fish.

This, I’m told, is a snowy egret. If I’m wrong, I hope someone who knows more about wading birds will correct me. Everyone deserves to be called by his real name, even when being cussed-out…

For the record, the trail camera did get his picture, but he was so far across the pond that he just looked like a little white stick. The regular camera got him, though I do wish I’d framed it better, and gotten a complete reflection…live and learn.

We did get one interesting visitor from the wildlife cameras… I haven’t seen or heard the coyotes in a few weeks, and have no idea whether or not they have a den close-by this year. Still hoping to see pups one of these days!

Here’s a fellow that needs no introduction! The barn swallows arrived late last week. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed hearing their cheerful chattering. Two pairs have taken the nests from last year, so we’ll have another opportunity to watch Flight Training come the summer!

I can hardly wait!


28 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: A Mix of Old and New

  1. It is funny hearing you talk about things coming back, they never leave here. It is really interesting seeing what your cameras pick up. So different to where I am am. Are Coyotes friendly or not?

    • In the southern US, where the climate is much like yours, there aren’t as many migratory birds either.
      Coyotes are predators, like other wild dogs. I like them; they keep the rat and rabbit populations under control. ‘Friendly’ isn’t the word I’d use…but they don’t bother me.

  2. Yes, the signs are there: Spring is well underway, even if the weather seems last to know. It’s always a welcome sight to notice the birds returning. I especially like their morning symphony. 🙂

  3. I am thrilled to see your barn swallows, ours must not be too far behind.. I have heard some different calls these last few days so i suppose there are a bunch of new birds i cannot see.. we are awaiting our herons, they sleep in our big tree at night.. loved this post.. c

    • I’ve seen the blue heron a couple of times, but never had the camera handy. I would dearly love to know where he/they sleep at night. Robin (AT Bogs of Ohio) has a heron rookery near her place that she photographs sometimes – so cool!

    • I love the long lens on the new camera – I’ve tried for years to get a good photo of them, but looking at birds makes them nervous, and a camera make it worse!
      Your neighbors have my sympathies…we have to be careful about letting them hang around too long. Or pond isn’t huge, and they can strip it of fish AND frogs if they’re of a mind to.

    • They’re such beautiful birds, but they have the awful habit of killing everything they can, even if they don’t eat it. I’ve seen them ‘spear’ large fish, then just toss them on the bank and go after something else…One of the first commands the dog learned was “Get the big bird!” Obviously, she can’t catch them, but she can run them off…

  4. I love your neighborhood with all the wildlife. Now living in Asia we do not even see road kill. What is up with that and maybe I don’t want to know why….? So I am so happy I get a glimpse of happy wildlife in their happy surrounding while visiting your site.

  5. Our barn swallows arrived about two weeks ago, although I didn’t notice them until the middle of last week. (My husband noticed them first.) The egret is gorgeous. Are you short on fish? Even with the herons (and the rare egret) hanging out here on a daily basis, we still need to fish our pond (it’s too crowded).

    • We’re not short on fish right now, but it has taken more than a few tries to get the population established out there…My pond is about a quarter the size of yours, so it doesn’t take much to unbalance it.
      Wish the otters would pay us a visit, though. I’ll let them eat to their hearts’ content!

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