On the one sunny day this week, the trees and shrubs burst into bloom. Clouds of crab apples filled the back field with pink and white petals.

We planted a few pansies around the back porch…

Yes, Southern Gardeners, they will bloom most of the summer up here in the cool partial shade. I was shocked when I got here and discovered this… (In the southern US, pansies are planted in the fall to add winter color. They bloom until the weather gets hot. Like, April, where I grew up…)

The apple tree in the kitchen garden is taking no chances, unfurling its flowers one at a time to guard against the frosts that still threaten at this time of year.

The big apple trees in the yard have decided to wait just a bit longer before they take that risk.

Down by the pond, the blueberry bushes bristle with the promise of summer sweetness.  Angel got her first taste of blueberries last week, when she went out for lunch with Grandad, and loved them. Can’t wait for her to taste home-grown!

Looks like a bumper-crop of black currants this year! This is one happy, productive little shrub…I had no idea when I bought it that it would be so vigorous. Wish I could say the same for the red currant next to it…

I tried to get a good shot of the delicate chains of blossoms on the red – there are some, but not many – but every time I took aim, the wind kicked up, and they blurred. I stopped trying. No need to further encourage the wind to blow…

Ok. I KNOW those are leaves, not flowers…but a copper beech in spring, with the sun shining through, is as beautiful as any bloom, anywhere…


12 thoughts on “Blooms!

  1. This is such a beautiful time of the year and your property must look spectacular. The fruit trees in my neighbors’ yards have already dropped their petals, last night’s storms made sure of that. Still, they leave and other blooms will take their place. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of Spring in your “little Rhode Island Corner.” 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it, John.
      Made a run up to Central Mass to see the Niko-Man on Wednesday…the hillsides were the Spring Green from a box of crayons. So soothing, after the long, grey winter!

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