Wildlife Wednesday: Changing Light

Five in the morning, and the false dawn has begun to creep over the horizon…

The light grows.


Bursts, like a blossom…

The day wears on, the shadows shift.

Some days, only the sunbeams come to play.

But even they can’t stay forever.

Looks like most of the critters took the week off, too…


14 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Changing Light

  1. Good to see you on fine form Marie, I have a mental image of the creatures taking a week off, having packed their bags, sun cream, hats and sandals and gone for a week on the costa sunshine πŸ™‚

  2. Reminds me of my days behind the bar. Some days/night, it would be packed to the rafters while, at other times, I’d be staring at the wall, alone. Maybe you should offer some sort of Early Bird Special …

    • It was the same in retail seafood…some days, they were lined up six-deep at the counter. Others, we could go all day with only one or two customers.
      I seem to be running an Early Squirrel Special – they trip the motion sensor every morning, but all that’s in the frame is an ear or the tip of a tail!

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