Wildlife Wednesday: Oh, Hi There!

Whoops! What was that? That blur, there at the top of the frame?

That looks kind of like a…


Odd time of day for her to be hanging around the yard, but there she is.

Nice of her to pose for us, eh?


22 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Oh, Hi There!

  1. I think it was very generous of her to pose for you and us! The only time I ever really see deer, is when I glimpse them from the train window as we fly past, well, crawl is more like it. Very special Marie, when do the fawns start making an appearance?

    • You don’t know ‘crawl’ until you’ve been on a US train…I could actually drive to NYC faster than the 4 hours it takes on the train 😦
      I’ve seen lots of those little French deer from the train windows – they look so sweet.
      As for the fawns, my guess is that they’re out there. The mamas will stash them away in a safe spot when they need to feed. With any luck, we’ll see them before too much longer!

  2. That is beautiful!! I have always loved deer, ever since we lived in North Arkansas and taught in that little school. They were in our yard almost every night. It was good to talk today!!

  3. She looks like she could be related to the doe who is hanging out during the day at the back of our pond. My husband is not thrilled. He’s worried she’ll eat the rhododendrons. (I think he’s out there spraying them with something now.) Anyhow. She’s very pretty. πŸ™‚

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