Wildlife Wednesday: Babies

No fawns yet, but there are some other youngsters around…

The bunnies are welcome to eat the weeds growing up through the patio stones. If only there was a way to train them to stay away from the flowers!

I know there’s nothing to give you perspective in this shot, but this little guy is just a bit bigger than a hand full. The white spot on his forehead will disappear when he’s full-grown.

Not a baby, but she has some hiding somewhere. I’m sure they’re going to be thrilled when she shows up with a beak full of take-out food! Bugs – the avian version of bringing home a pizza!

This young robin might object to being called a baby…he’s a Fledgling now, you know! He can get in and out of the nest, all by himself. Pretty soon, he’ll blow this popsicle stand, and strike out on his own.

Road trip, anyone?

Took an unplanned week off…There’s a bunch of stuff swirling around here right now, and not all of it is pollen. We’re fine, thank you to everyone who asked, just busy. I hope I’m back on-track now… I miss you guys out there in blogland!


21 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Babies

    • Thanks, Claire. Have I said how much I love your new avatar? It’s great!
      I think of that fledgling as a 15-year-old boy – not quite old enough to drive, but rarin’ to go…’cute’ isn’t a word they appriciate, is it? 😉

  1. Did you mention road trip, I’m in the car, or least I wish. Nice to have you back, I do miss your blogs. Hope everything is going well and it is just crazy busy. 🙂

  2. Amazing, isn’t it? The 1st of June and birds are already starting to fledge, In a few weeks some of the nests will have a 2nd clutch of eggs. I haven’t seen any bunnies yet and wonder if I will. The lot that they built their nests in has been converted to an “allotment” set of garden plots. The rabbits lost out in the deal. And I haven’t seen this year’s skunk babies. Mom & Dad are here, to be sure, but their young haven’t been on parade yet. I can wait.

      • I did and I sent her your greetings. I tried to show her your blog but I couldn’t get the pictures to download. It’s not your blog but the state of internet access up there. That just means there will be more pics of Angel to share during my next visit. 🙂

  3. This is Mom on Nana’s computer. We enjoyed the photos of the animal young. Thanks for the note on the size of the bunny. Things are making progress here. Not sure yet when I will go home, It’s good to have you back online. We checked every day.

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