Oh, What A Beautiful Day!

Did I tell you about my super-cool Mother’s Day present?

I don’t think I did…

Every other Friday, for the rest of the summer, I have a sitter. Or, rather, ANGEL has a sitter, and I have a Free Day.

Our Miss Kim arrived at nine am yesterday, on the dot. By 9:30, I was in the upper garden, happily ripping weeds out of the garlic bed…After a pause to watch the bees playing in the blackberry blossoms, obviously.

By 10:30, the bed was clean. The baby leeks between the hard and softneck garlic seem to be doing well, in spite of having to compete with the weeds. At least, I hope they are…I’ve never grown them from seed before.

A little later – around 11, I think – the asparagus bed was nice and tidy, and it was time to move down to the kitchen garden.

Hey, look! The cukes have sprouted!

First order of business down here – get rid of the arugula, radishes, spinach and chard that were all bolting.  A quick and easy job, before tackling the weeds in the Bean Bed, putting up the towers, and planting.

12:30. Cleaned, planted – pole beans, zucchini, and yellow squash – and water started.

Time for lunch, and to kiss a little girl for naptime!

1:30, and two beds left to clean…and some decisions to make. Time is beginning to run short, so one bed will have to wait for another day.

So, Tomato Bed, or Bonus Bed, where I’m hoping to try some short-season melons this year?

Tomatoes won. I wondered whether or not I should plant my pathetic seedlings, or just go buy new ones, and decided to give my Babies a shot. The only organic nursery is a 45 minute drive, and time is a luxury right now. If mine just turn up their toes and die, I’ll bite the bullet and go.

3pm, and the water has been moved to the tomatoes. Angel is still napping, and it’s time for Miss Kim to go. I cut her a head of lettuce, as promised, and in the process discover that the Butterheads are now Bitterheads….yuck. The loose leaf and Romaine are still good, though…

My plantings are always bigger than our appetites with lettuce.

So, time to go in and clean up now…

Or, maybe not quite yet…

This’ll only take a minute!

Or thirty…

But, it’s so much nicer this way…

3:30. Girl still sleeping. Grandad listening to the monitor. Shower, here I come!

And later…

A cool glass of rosé, on a shady patio…

I’m NOT looking at you, weeds growing through the pavers!

It’s a rainy, windy Saturday around here – and cold (57 when I got up at 5), but looking out the windows at all of yesterday’s accomplishments makes it a good day.

It’s also washing the pollen out of the air…by the time I came in yesterday, the camera was coated in a fine, yellow cloak.

Hope the rest of you are having a blue-sky weekend! 


20 thoughts on “Oh, What A Beautiful Day!

  1. Fabulous and 3 cheers for Miss Kim (what a wonderful mother’s day present). I’ll raise a glass of something red or white later on, when we have cleared and packed up for the day. And I’m loving those tower thingies!!

    • I’ve been using those rose towers for tomato cages for about 4 years, and the’re great – didn’t go over in last summer’s hurricane! Smith and Hawkin has them in the catalog for over $100, but I got these at a local discounter for abot $30. I like them so much, I bought 3 more to use for pole beans!

  2. Now that’s a wonderful idea and gift! Isn’t it great to be on the receiving end of a gift that has so much thought behind it? And it sounds like you certainly did take full advantage of Day One, too.
    I need a couple days like that to get my back yard into shape. Of course, I’ll have to send Max away first. The last time he “helped” me with yard work we ended up at the vet, where his blood pressure dropped perilously low, followed by a mad dash, in rush hour, to the emergency vet where we spent the night. My luck. Max’s love for stealing tomatoes translates into a love for poison berries — both tomatoes and berries being members of the nightshade family and, presumably, carrying the same scent.

    • Max is more trial than any dog I’ve ever known…even the late, lamented Chloe never ate nightshade berries! (We do have tons of them around here, too…)
      Her consumption of small, bony creatures was legendary, though.
      Ate a hole in a new mattress when she was a pup, and almost didn’t survive. I nearly killed her.

  3. This is Mom, still on Nana’s computer….. What a nice gift!! Actually, awesome is a better thought. I know you LOVE having a whole day to dig, plant and pull weeds. We are better here. I am going to lunch next week with some high school friends. Have a great rest of the weekend and I hope to read from you next week.

    • As much as I enjoy the Boy’s company when I work, I think I get more done by myself sometimes… 😉
      Have fun, and tell Jan hi for me…she emailed last week when she hadn’t heard from you in a few days.

      • She is a college friend. I don’t think you know any of these ladies. Most have never left PB. I was simply too busy to email lots of folks. Can’t make a blanket statement on FB… I don’t want everyone to know I’m away from home. Have fun, I’m glad you get this time for yourself

  4. Half blue sky for us. We had a beautiful day yesterday, very cloudy today, but no rain, so not bad. Sounds like your day was really productive. I love your Miss Kim and wish I could use her as well. Though I suspect I might be getting a couple of weeks off as she looks like she is heading back to hospital.

  5. Oh, how wonderful! What a truly thoughtful gift! I’m envious of your weather,I must admit. Getting an entire day of work in in the garden isn’t something I can do again until maybe late September, or mid-October. The beds are looking fantastic!

    • It’s a strange year, weather-wise! This morning, it’s 55F, cloudy, and windy, with more rain coming later…like late September. Maybe if we can get it to shift South, you can enjoy it, too… 😉

      • We’re expecting thunderstorms tomorrow and Thursday. Yesterday at 8pm was temperature of 96 (Realfeel: 101.) I’m going to have to get up super early to get anything done…
        That’s great you’re getting rain! Feeding all the baby tomatoes =)

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