It’s a Good Year For…


They can live for decades after the garden and gardener are gone…

Which really fits my garden style for this year….

Not sure what’s different…maybe the mild winter.

Whatever it is, they’ve never looked better!

Just for fun:

I played around with this one…not bad, for a first effort and a free program.

Don’t ask me what I did…there’s no way I can remember.

Our odd run of weather continues…This morning, it’s 55F, with a strong, damp north wind, and more rain coming later…At this rate, there’ll be no tomatoes until September!


30 thoughts on “It’s a Good Year For…

  1. we are cooler as well but more of the low 60’s.. suits me! that white peonie is just stunning, itlooks like a wedding dress on a stem alright! have a lovely day.. c

  2. Oh and i meant to say.. some of the old old graveyards out here have peonies along the women’s graves, from their own gardens they say, isn’t that just lovely! Local legend has it that they were brought across in the wagons, because the tuber would last for ages in a damp cloth.. c

    • I think I remember you including that in your post about the sourdough starter, now that you mention it…In Texas, it’s rose bushes – the sweetest-smelling old fashioned roses you ever saw. They’ve been ‘re-discovered’ by growers (who wouldn’t want a fragrant rose that thrives without being babied?) who name them after the cemetaries where they were found.

    • I know…it’s all so different, everywhere you go.
      I look with envy on my southern friends’ gardens, where they’re already picking, and forget that the heat will shut them down by the time ours are ripening…

  3. Absolutely beautiful peonies. I can’t believe the horrible weather we are having…we turned the heat back on. We have had flooding rains. The road down to our cottage has been washed out two times. Where is the lovely sunshine?

    • At 3 yesterday afternoon, I was out running errands (in the rain) and the thermometer in the car said it was 50! It feels like November…
      This is what Hubby calls Road Gratitude weather – as in, “I’m so grateful I paved the road….”
      Hope it clears-up soon!

  4. Your peonies are spectacular, Marie. Mine have bloomed out already, mostly while I was in Michigan. Compared with last year, my tomatoes are doing really well. Still no flowers yet but it will be soon — I hope. Are those dahlias to the right of the peonies in the first photo? They, too, have beautiful blooms in fantastic colors.

    • You’ve had some heat already up there, haven’t you? The peonies are finishing now, but there are still a few nice blooms left…must have something to do with the outside temperatures being close to the same as a florist’s walk-in cooler! Yes, those are dahlias. I picked up four of them at a store last week. Too pretty to resist!
      My tomatoes are six inches tall…we’re a looooong way from blooms.

  5. No peonies for me this year, as you know. It’s time to feed them again and I have no idea when I can go home. Bobby is watering for me, which may be their saving grace!! Yours are magnificent. I can almost smell them!!

  6. the peonies are stunning Marie. And we seem to have odd weather here too – rainy, grey clouds and definitely not warm enough for tomatoes. Looks like I’ll be joining you with tomatoes in September. Humph!!

  7. These are such gorgeous photos of stunning flowers. I love peonies! I read somewhere that you could cut them when the buds felt like marshmallows and they would open in the vase. The fact that they could feel like marshmallows just made me love them more. Enjoy!

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