Wildlife Wednesday: No Fawns Yet

And now we know why…although she may have dropped by now. Poor thing – just look at those bulging sides!

No honey…you’re not fat. Just pregnant…

We’re down to just two cameras now…the foliage at the pond is too thick to allow the solar panel to keep the battery charged. I’ve been searching for a new spot, but no luck so far. I’m not up for major tree surgery this summer! 


16 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: No Fawns Yet

  1. My, she is late! I thought they dropped their fawns at winter’s end. The poor thing, That can’t be comfortable. I hope you next set of pics shows her with a healthy fawn at her side. Too bad about the 3rd camera. It would be great if you could find a permanent spot without having a minor de-forestation project to do so. 🙂

    • We’ve actually seen little ones with spots as late as September – maybe it varies regionally?
      We’ll find another spot for the 3rd camera…or put it back in the fall, if we don’t get around to it!

  2. I can’t believe these shots, wow, these cameras are doing a great job of keeping us entertained, and yes, now we want fawn shots please, though you can hardly lead her into the barn so you can keep an eye on her! C

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