Beautifully Busy

Word of warning – the text today will have little to do with the photos….at least until the end. Last night’s stormy sky was too amazing NOT to share…

But, so was our day.

Our day got off to a running start. No time for dallying in front of the tv, or a lazy walk around the yard; we had places to go, and people to see! By 9am, everyone was dressed, fed, tooth- and hair-brushed and ready to go…


Well, to visit a school…one where Angel will go, two mornings a week, starting in September.

This is far different from an average morning for us. While the rest of the day is fairly well-choreographed, with meals, naps, baths and bed occurring at roughly the same time every day,ย mornings are haphazard affairs. She wakes up when she wakes up. We hang around in our jammies, watch a little tv together, wander in the garden to look at the peas and lettuce… Eventually, we have some breakfast and get dressed…

Laid-back and calm…every morning is Saturday for her right now.

The excitement of a school visit had her up by 6, asking for breakfast twenty minutes later.

It was a raging success. The kids were all having Music Class when we arrived – an attention-grabber for Our Girl. She wandered, wide-eyed, as we toured the classrooms, peeked out at the playground, ย and discussed the program with the school director.

I think she’d have stayed there, if given the chance…

Not possible, though – we had other places to be.

We left the school, heading straight for the City. Angel had an appointment with a doctor there at 1pm. Nothing serious, mind you…but there are still a lot of questions about her general health and development, given the circumstances. We’re trying to get as much information as possible at this stage, and guidance in what to look for in the future that might warn of problems.

But, before the doctor, there would HAVE to be some lunch, of course!

The lovely staff at the Parkside Providence let us come in a little early. Angel more than lived up to her nickname, and was an extremely well-behaved not-quite-three-year-old in a very grown-up restaurant.

Oh, and she loves crabcakes. And remoulade. I think I got one bite….

Angel’s appointment went well, and one more worry was put to rest. We started back towards the island on the heels of the first round of afternoon storms. Misty wraiths drifted up from the wet, hot roadway as a tired little girl napped in the back seat.

By dinnertime, a few hours later, weย were staring round two right in the face – an angry face, at that.

But it all ended well.

Just like our day.

It’s a sunny, promise-filled morning.

And we’re off to make the best of it, too…


31 thoughts on “Beautifully Busy

  1. Wow, full day! And love the storm clouds! And that all are safe. We are expecting HOT weather today and tomorrow with chance of severe weather! Maybe I’ll catch some cool clouds like you!

    • Thanks, Tanya…She’s coming right along, and pretty close to being on-level for most things now. It’s much less about Hard Work than Giving Her a Chance…she’s a smart thing, in spite of her parents’ shortcomings.

    • The storms blew up quickly, and moved out an hour later, so they didn’t take up much of the day.
      School is ranking right up there with Bubble Blowing as topic of conversation, so I’d say we have a winner!

  2. It’s been a big day here, too. Glad that yours went well and that she is excited about school. Two mornings a week sounds perfect for a 3 year old. Your photos are wonderful. Nana went for a follow up visit to the doc today. No pneumonia attached to a cough and the big bruise on her ankle is not a blood clot… whew!! I’m going home tomorrow. The computer has been off line this morning. Up now and going well.

  3. The photos of the storm are brilliant. It looks so green there. Good that everything is going well with Angel, sounds like she might like being there and will be a good break for you, more garden time.

    • It’s something about the ozone from the lightning that makes everything *glow* like that with a storm…no post processing at all on the shots, just lucky timing!
      Thanks for the compliment – it means a lot coming from a Pro!

  4. What a great post, Marie, so much good news to share! Your Li’l Angel is thriving under your care and she’ll continue to do well when she starts school in the Fall. It sure was a busy day today — and a very good one at that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s only because I never photograph the crazy guy who walks around town….He only *thinks* he’s magic ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Everyone needs a sense of wonder about the world. If that can come through the computer screen to you, I hope I can give it to Angel, in person…

  5. I think that your pictures do match the feelings of your story. Storm clouds during the possible change and unknown and then sun and rainbows for a happy ending. May your summer be blessed with fun with relaxing days so Angel is ready for her new fall adventure.

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