What a Wonderful World…

I’ve seen a lot of wonderful things in the last few weeks.

Like storms that build, burst, and sweep past, leaving a land of neon-hued contrasts in their wake.

I’ve seen cool, foggy mornings, and warm, sunny afternoons.  Days as damp and chilly as late autumn, nights that swelter like high summer…

I’ve watched the wood azaleas and peonies bloom and fade; the peas fatten and the beans sprout.

I have stood still and quiet as a humming-bird buzzed by on her way to the porch, where she gathered spider webs in her beak, then rushed off to weave them into her nest.

I’ve seen the season’s first fireflies.

I fed a Little Girl her first chocolate croissant.

I was there to witness the look of rapture on that same sweet face when she saw her first live band, and to hold her “fweter” while she danced and danced and danced…

There will always be things like laundry and dirty dishes. There will be arguments and setbacks. Plans will get derailed – or demolished. Promises will be broken. Humans will fail you.

But, to balance all the disappointments and distractions, there are these other moments, great and small, that lift.

Later today, on the other side of the country from me, there will be another – one that falls into the “great” column…

My younger brother will become a first-time father, when my amazing sister-in-law gives birth to a little girl.

Welcome to the world, Madison.

We love you already.


42 thoughts on “What a Wonderful World…

  1. I love your flowers and beautiful inspiring words… wonderful warmth on this cold winter’s day in the southern hemisphere. Thanks-you for sharing, congratulations and I think I’ll go in search of a chocolate croissant. *Grin*

      • Alas there was none in our local retail market, however I have found the ideal place in the neighbouring town with an array of the most delectable delights. So, I will wait for payday on the 25th and I will take my lovely 16 year old daughter and go on a tasty treat excursion in your honour, (and blame the calories on you). *Grin* I’ll let you know how it goes. *Smile*

  2. I never thought I’d have another grandchild, but wonder of wonders, here comes Madison!! This is a beautiful tribute to her arrival and to Angel, who blesses your life. It’s a fine day all around!!

    Oh, and Nana is well enough for me to be at home!!

  3. That was a beautiful post Marie, brought a tear to my eye. Little Angel is looking fantastic, how are you coping? My Angel may be coming home today, she hopes so, though she doesn’t feel ready, so I don’t know.

    • We’re coping surprisingly well, thanks. She’s smart as any child her age, and so far, there’s no sign of the type of difficulties that her parents have. Fingers crossed that it stays that way…
      I’ll be thinking about you and your Girl today, and hoping for the best.

  4. Thank you aunt Marie, for that wonderful welcome. and thankyou to everyone for the greetings. A week and a day later we have settled into something of a routine, I just wish I didnt have to go back to work next week. Your amazing sister in law is doing great, and cant wait to introduce you to the newest member of the family…

    Will send photos for now, but I cant wait for you to meet this little one…

    Love ya

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