Wildlife Wednesday: Mostly Rabbits

They’re everywhere…

I’ve noticed something about wildlife activity through this project that surprises me a little bit. There’s a marked decrease in the days around the full of the moon. Not just at night, as I would have expected, with the bright light making everyone more visible to predators, but in the daytime as well…

Unless you’re a dog.

This is a Free Friday week (YAY!), so I’ll be talking to you guys on Saturday…


23 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Mostly Rabbits

  1. I wonder why that is… I suppose the moon affects animal behaviour too. Had never thought of that before. Here, people say they can’t sleep when it’s a full moon, even with the blinds closed!
    Have a great day gardening on Friday!

  2. I can understand the lack of night time activity during a full moon but during the day, too? Ya learn something new everyday! I literally laughed out loud when I scrolled down and saw the dog. So many of the pics that I post are cropped so that Max’s nose, tail, or some other body part doesn’t make an appearance. Enjoy your Free Friday!

    • Where there are rabbits, there will be a dog to chase them!
      Cleo’s a camera hog, too…I’ve started leaving her in the house when I go out in the mornings. Shouting,”Move, Dog!” at 6 am wouldn’t please the neighbors…

  3. The quality of the photos is fantastic. And how interesting about the effect of th efull moon, makes a lot of sense.
    Looking forward to Saturday, whilst I know you will be enjoying Friday! I’m baking on Friday (our plant sale/swap) so I will no doubt be rather fraught!!

    • My data set is pretty small, so I have no idea how it translates into the world as whole – or IF it does. It has been interesting to observe, though.
      Have fun with the Swap/Sale – whatcha’ making?

  4. I love that dog photo- very apt! Interesting observation about the moon, too. Who knows, maybe Celi’s right!

  5. I could use a rabbit or two– to roam around Rabbit Run Cottage–My dogs and cats have , I will just say, chased them off!
    And I agree about the moon, we have been having a raccoon issue here, and the nights that we had a full moon, no raccoons!

    • I would be MORE than happy to box some up and send them to you…every dog needs more squeaky toys.
      Funny, but I’m so much more forgiving of the raccoons shenanegans…even the one who figured out the locking lid on the birdseed a couple of years ago. He was on the back porch eating out of it when I got up, and just lifted a paw to wave when he saw me through the door, and went right back to eating out of the can…

  6. This reminds me of a story… when I used to live in Michigan I would complain to my husband how the rabbits were eating all my flowers. However one early day at dawn my husband spotted 4 deer right in the front yard nibbling away at all of my flower. He said those are some really big rabbits you have there BAM!

  7. I’m thinking about getting a pet. I have a studio, so a dog is out. It’s probably going to be a cat, but I did briefly look at getting a rabbit. Apparently, they can be house trained, they’re quiet and good animals. However, I looked at all the wiring I have, and quickly opted out. They chew too much.

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