Free Friday!

The breeze was cool. The sun was warm. The sky was full of puffy white clouds.

A perfect day for a babysitter!

I’ll admit, I wasn’t as organized this week. Might have something to do with Thursday’s trip to see Niko, and a certain Little Girl who cried most of the way home over a forgotten hat.

Probably not, though. Disorganized is my natural state, after all…

The Plan (such as it was) was to start with the new containers that needed to be filled, then move on to weeding the vegetable garden and setting out a few transplants.

Then she showed up.

Is it Our Deer?

Impossible to know. She wasn’t followed by a fawn, but that doesn’t mean anything. They often hide their babies while they feed.

I think I know what she was eating, though…

Asparagus ferns.


The bed had a surprise for me, beyond the nibbled stalks. See the large, leafy thing in the middle? Volunteer tomato. Sadly (or maybe not), it’s bigger than my transplants…

More proof that I’m growing tomatoes in the wrong part of the yard, no matter how convenient the site is in relation to the kitchen door…Something we’ll have to think about for next year, I suppose.

The surprises weren’t over yet, and the first couple of hours were actually spent repairing rabbit damage elsewhere in the yard…more on that on Monday.

It was nearly lunch time before I got started on the vegetable beds… First order of business was to get those basil seedlings in the ground. Since the spot they usually occupy is now home to the rhubarb, they will live in the Garden Proper this summer, alongside the tomatoes.

The early greens are all out of the salad bed now, with the second planting of lettuce nearly ready for its first haircut. A few rows of carrots are sprouting nicely right beside them, and seeds for summer lettuces were sown in the next block down. We’ll let the first blocks rest, and top them with compost before sowing beets and carrots there.

The peas along the fence are starting to fatten-up. Maybe this week? We’ll just have to wait and see…No rushing these things, you know.

There’s lots more to see, but I’m out of time this morning – Farmer’s Market day, and Hurricane Angel got up extra-early. I’ll leave you with a shot of the pole beans (planted two weeks ago), pushing their way up into the sun.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


27 thoughts on “Free Friday!

  1. Your vegetable beds look so well-organized with the frames for climbers and the irrigation system. Mmmm, fresh peas. I’ll have to wait a while for mine, and won’t have many as the mice rather liked the little shoots! Still, at least we don’t have deer. Enjoy your weekend too!

    • They’re right outside the kitchen door, and Hubby insists on Orderly if he’s going to have to look at it on a regular basis. The hoses are the most convenient way I could think of to water…I’m all about easy!

  2. Lots of positives and a few grrrrsss. The deer does look stunning, but oh quelle dommage!! Huge swathes of my climbing beans have been decimated by slugs and birds, I could happily weep, I just try and smile and think ok, what could I plant in their place!

  3. Isn’t it nice to have sun. It is nice that so much of your gardens are fenced. You do have your share of nibbling critters there. It will be interesting to see what Mother Nature throws at me next. Something is eating by poor yellowed basil…have no idea what. Enjoy your weekend, Marie.

    • The fence doesn’t seem to be stopping the rabbits completely – something keeps chewing on the peas.
      My basil isn’t happy either. I think it’s been too cool at night.
      You have a good weekend, too!

  4. It is all coming along, despite the lack of time. I suppose you have to console yourself with the knowledge that while you don’t get to garden as much, you are doing some so incredible for that little girl, she will always be so grateful.

  5. I loved the photo of the deer. You know I love them and have ever since your dad and I taught in North Arkansas I hope she brings her fawn. I had a teen age bunny on my patio one of the 3 days that I was home last week. It was investigating the wet leaves and limbs that the morning rain had drenched. I loved watching him smell everything. Their burrow is just outside the back fence. If the world has no more big surprises, I am going home Monday.

    Mom on Nana’s computer….. one more time!!!

  6. Despite the deer, Angelic Intervention, and heaven knows what else, your garden grows. You really do have a great set-up there, Marie. Those beds are quite nice and a real thing of beauty come August when everything is all “grown up.”
    Speaking of grown up, have you won the Great Potty War of 2012 or is the battle still raging? Either way, hang in there, General. 🙂

  7. The asparagus ferns seem to be the only thing that survived being gnawed to the ground while we were away. *sigh* Not sure if it’s too late to start over or not. At least I have a local farm and CSA, if it turns out nothing will come in on time.

    Your garden looks wonderful, even though the deer has been at it. I’ve found my volunteers often do better than the stuff I deliberately plant. Nature must program them to know where they need to be.

    • I keep saying that too – we have a farmer’s market, it’ll be fine…
      That tomato just flies in the face of conventional wisdom about our growing season, though. The only one I’ve ever had come up volunteer and do well was a yellow pear, and I know there were no cherry-types up there last year. Wonder which one it is?

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