One More Reason I Can’t Stand Rabbits

Isn’t that cute? A place for a little girl to play and hide… Just add some vining plants (we’re using a shelling bean; a Borlotti-type called ‘Bingo”) and it’ll be an instant playhouse!

One problem:

I planted a dozen well-grown transplants here two weeks ago…

If you look closely at the left-hand side, you can see a pair of leafless stems. That’s all they left behind.


Fortunately, I had more seedlings waiting for a home.

Let’s hope this works.


40 thoughts on “One More Reason I Can’t Stand Rabbits

  1. Let’s hope so Marie, I had exactly the same problem but with slugs. On the upside that is a fabulous place for a little girl we know to play and hide – I’m imagining the games and fun already! And aren’t Borlotti’s beautiful to grow – the colour of the pods deepening as the season goes on. Fingers crossed for you and your beans 🙂

    • I grew them for the first time last year, as a bush type, and I was thrilled to find a vining one in a catalog last winter. I’m down to the last 6 unplanted seedlings, so keep your fingers crossed that we find a solution.

  2. I think we should introduce your rabbits to our monkeys… they love the vegetable garden and most of what’s in it, and well I don’t actually mind sharing with the birds, and the bees and the creepy crawlies… they all need to eat. But the monkeys waste! The pick the tomatoes, take one bite and then toss it away. They dig up nearly all the carrots and only eat a few… they are like naughty children. Really! Something they did help for awhile was twirling plastic snakes around the window bars of the kitchen… it did stop the monkeys from sneaking in to steal the fruit and bread… but only for a year. Now they just ignore the plastic snakes. I also tied strips of plastic and silver to the veggie fence and that has still kept the monkeys at bay for the last year… they are scared of the noise the plastic makes… and they don’t like anything reflective. It’s not very pretty if you are fussy, however it does allow the plants to actually grow. *Smile* I haven’t done this, but my friend ties blown up balloons to sticks… which burst when the offenders are near… and they usually stay gone for a good while. Oh they joys of trying to grow anything edible in the beauty of South Africa. Whilst we have never had rabbits… we had a dassie frequent the garden, until he met our wolf! That works. *Smile* I can’t wait to see how your hide play place looks in a few weeks and months. Be strong and carry on, I’m routing (or is it rooting) for you! *Grin*

        • LOL the monkeys don’t actually get into the fridge… they steal the fruit in the fruit basket on the counter… and we used to have the bread in the cupboard they would open and take. Now the bread is in a sealed container. We also inherited my mom’s two big dogs last year when she returned to the USA… so we have the two big dogs and a wolf, so the monkeys sit in the trees eating the mulberries and sneak to the veggie garden. *Smile* Here are a couple of links (If it’s ok with Marie 🙂 [ ] & [ ] Marie please don’t give up… there must be a way? 🙂

          • Of course your links are welcome! I didn’t have time to go look through your site to see if you’d written about the little marauders…
            I’m not giving up yet; there are a few seedlings left. Wire collars for the pots are the next wepon in the arsenal.
            If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what I’ll do…

  3. Rats to the rabbits; and they breed so fast too. The bane of our veggie garden is chipmunks. This year I put bird netting around the area of our tomato plants; ‘see how that works.

    That’s a great idea to make a playhouse out of the beans. We have some sugar snap peas that could have been a playhouse too. I hope the garden critters don’t make them a playhouse and restaurant!

  4. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you too! 🙂 Mice ate all but one of my pea plants, but my runner beans have been spared… so far! Love the idea of a playhouse!

  5. In my garden, it is the carrots that are driving me mad. Hopefully we will both be harvesting aplenty soon 🙂

  6. Gee, Marie. The Fates are really messing with you and your garden this year. I hope those potted plants will work for you. They might be just tall enough that the rabbits don’t notice the vines. Fingers crossed, eh?

  7. Critters…thank goodness, I have never seen a rabbit at either of our homes. I think groundhogs are bad but at least we don’t have monkeys to contend with. I hope your new plants survive and Angel gets a cute playhouse.

  8. Angel is a lucky little girl to have such a fun place to play!! I hope the bunnies stay away so your beans will grow.

    I am home as of about 3:30 this afternoon. Nothing like being home even if I did leave a mess!! We’ll talk soon about Nana.

  9. It is you against all of them cute little creatures. I am sorry to break this to you Marie but it is an uphill battle against nature. Do you have raccoons? Now those are some very pesky curious little animals and do some much damage. I know rabbits are very cute and all but really people need to eat too!

    • I always expect to lose some crops to the critters, but this is getting ridiculous…
      I have revoked their ‘cute’ card.
      We have raccoons, but I have very few problems with them in the garden. I don’t grow corn, which is one of their favorites. Maybe they just raid the cornfield up the road?

  10. Doesn’t it make you spit! i have collected lots of wire baskets, and the trays from dishwashers and just pop those over the seeds, they only seem to really bother the tiny seedlings so it works until the plant is big enough.. but i don’t have enough baskets!! hope the pots work .. c

  11. Sorry to hear about the rabbits, but I love the idea of a bean teepee play house! I would have loved to have had a place like that to hide out in as a kid! I hope your second round of seedlings survives.

  12. Grrrrr! is right. Yesterday I discovered a rabbit in the garden finishing off the veggies the groundhog didn’t get. All the lettuces, all the broccoli… gone.

    I hope this works for you. It sounds and looks like such a great idea. 🙂

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