You Know It’s Summer When…

Small Children walk around wearing buckets of water…

Couldn’t resist sharing this Niko-pic that my daughter sent yesterday… Forgive an indulgent Grandmom?


34 thoughts on “You Know It’s Summer When…

  1. “Forgive”? There’s nothing to forgive, Marie. That pic of Niko is such a good one. Feel free to post as many of them as you like.
    He’s grown, hasn’t he!

      • It is the best to cool down, with or without air conditioning, unfortunately it isn’t allowed here. I spent so many summers under the sprinkler, not something my kids every experienced really. He is getting so big, and I bet cute too.

        • No sprinklers? Because of the water restrictions? That’s sad…
          While Niko was parading around with his bucket up at my daughter’s house, I was teaching Angel about sprinklers in our yard…I forbade my husband from taking pictures of that! I’ll run her outside later – now that she knows what to do – and get some shots of just her.
          No one needs to have to see me in a bathing suit!

          • I know what you mean, looking forward to seeing the photos of her.
            Yes, water restrictions, no sprinklers for years. We are allowed to use them now, but only on some days and only at certain times.

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