Claire? Cathy? Anybody?

My black currants are ripe. There are about eleventy-billion of them…

I’ve never gotten more than a pint before; just about enough to make a nice pan sauce for some lambchops or something.Β Jam or jelly would be difficult with the Little One underfoot…

What do I DO with them?

Note: I called-out the British gals by name, ’cause I figured they’d have the most experience with currants…Anyone else is (obviously) welcome to chime-in…Β 


44 thoughts on “Ummm….Help?

    • I’d gladly send you a package, but wouldn’t they be an unholy mess by the time they got there πŸ˜€
      My granddaughter helped pick this morning. I don’t think it’s going to be much of a problem, now that I’ve seen her gobble them up!

    • Don’t those generally use dried currants?
      The year after I planted this bush, I learned that the fruit we buy as dried black currants is actually a small grape.
      That said, I *have* been considering breaking out the dehydrator for these.

      • Yes, the recipes call for dried currants and raisins, but you can play with it. I don’t think I’ve ever followed a recipe verbatim. I always modify everything, especially spices. When using fresh instead of dried, sometimes all that is necessary is to cut the fruits and reduce the liquid in the mixture. When you cook it it will reconstitute to a degree anyway.

  1. Wow! “Eleventy-billion”!?! That’s a lotta currants! I’ve no help for you, Marie, I’m sorry to say but I’m sure that someone will step forward. In the meantime, I bet you’re very popular with the avian set. πŸ™‚

    • The Little One and I picked for an hour before the heat ran us inside (it’s 95 now; the storms are an hour or two away). She popped so many into her mouth that I may not need to “put up” as many as I thought. πŸ˜€

  2. Definitely freeze some… rinse and dry first and then just bag them with the weight written on each bag. I’ve only made jelly/jam before, but juice would also be great and can be used up quickly, so you don’t need to heat and bottle it – just puree and strain. They are great added to any baked goods direct from the freezer, or mixed in with yoghurt too! Or how about liqueur? πŸ˜‰ Put 1 lb berries and 1/2 lb sugar in a large mason jar, cover with about 3 pints vodka and leave to sit for 8 weeks. Then strain and test; if not sweet enough add more sugar. Ready as soon as the sugar has dissolved! πŸ˜€

  3. My great granny used to bottle loads for pies and crumbles, make syrup for cordials and of course blackcurrant jam! Mind you…we used to eat a lot just sprinkled with sugar if they we a little sour….very jealous πŸ™‚

    • I realized while I was outside that I should have added you to the shout-out. Guess that means I think of you more as Tanya in Spain, than Tanya, the Englishwoman, who lives in Spain…
      What method did she use for the syrup? Do you remember? They’re a fairly uncommon fruit here.

      • I donΒ΄t mind – IΒ΄m half Italian too, so a very mixed up Chica! She used to boil them hard with a little water and sugar and a little lemon juice (how much is up to you) until dissolved then strained it through a jelly sieve and then diluted it as and when she wanted (stored in sterlised bottles)

    • Thanks, Siobhan! I’ve been doing strawberry syrup for a couple of weeks now…maybe I could mix the two?
      The Little One was eating them by the handful while I was picking…might not have as much extra as I thought πŸ˜‰

  4. Love all the recommendations! I also think making jam and freezing for pies, crumbles, scones and other desserts is a great idea. That’s exactly what I did with my mountain of Huckleberries. πŸ™‚

    • Oooh, huckleberries…we don’t ever see those here.
      I think the extras may just have to go to the freezer for starters. The blueberries look like they’ll start coming in early next week, and that will be another mountain to deal with!

  5. I’m glad that Angel was able to help… Your friends have given you some great ideas. As usual, they came through for you!!

    • No jams this year…having a three-year-old underfoot makes that a huge gamble. I may freeze them for now, and make jam later in the year, when she’s a little more “tuned-up” about staying out of the way.

    • I’ve got to find something other than Jam. I can see it getting right to temperature, then hearing, “Grandmom! I need to go to the POTTY!”
      Or, worse, a loud crash from the opposite end of the house, followed by a wailing child…

  6. I am with the freezing brigade, don’t wash them and then they will freeze free and you can pull out a handful when you want to add them to a baby smoothie. My mother had 6 children underfoot and she froze almost anything whole. When you get raspberries and blueberries freeze them too, mix them up and make little bags fruits for your smoothie mix. If you use them frozen you do not need to add ice. And you could even make a Pink Shushie for yourself in the evenings you know!! I am sure someone has already written this. Anyway a little cup of frozen whole fruits (and peas by the way) is a perfect hot afternoon snack for little ones! now run!! POTTY!! c

  7. Just catching up after a hectic weekend – ripe berries how delicious!
    Well there have been plenty of ideas. And judging from your comments it’s too hot to bake / deal with a little Angel. I keep a few in a bowl on the counter for munching on, after that I wash them, drain the, and bag/box them up for the freezer so that when I have the time and inclination out them come, de-forsted and made into crumbles or sauces or pies or cakes or puddings or ice cream or sorbet or…….
    My black currants are a way behind yours, just been picking the red currants though πŸ™‚
    I’d love to hear more about pickles too !! Maybe I should investigate…..

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