Wildlife Wednesday: Old Friends, and New

Our old pal the raccoon returned for a visit this week. He hasn’t been seen on-camera since mid-spring…wonder where he’s been? Too busy with the ladies, perhaps?

Here’s one I expected to see long before now. He’s a little blurry, but I think you can tell it’s a possum (Opossum, for you sticklers for accuracy!). I see them waddling down the road at night all the time. Can’t believe it took nearly six months for one to wander past the camera!

Short and sweet this morning; we’ve got a lot on our plates today! Hubby is in France for the rest of the week, and a certain Favorite Uncle has to report for his first day of work by 8am! Have a fun-filled day, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Old Friends, and New

  1. YEA for Favorite Uncle!! Glad it finally came through for him. I put water on the patio last night and the motion light came on. I figure it was a cousin to one of your critters. Both come frequently to my yard. You and Angel have a good girls day out!!

  2. Come to think of it, It’s a wonder that this is the first possum filming. I’ve seen more around here. Skunks are another. Just last night they were spraying in one of the backyards and I had to close the windows.
    Congrats to Favorite Uncle! You, too, have a great day, Marie!

    • Our skunk population took a nose-dive about 5 years ago, and hasn’t ever recovered. I see (smell) plenty of them on the mainland, but almost never on the island.
      Typical New Englander. If you have to cross a bridge, it’s too far… 😉

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