Lazy Garden

I do not have time to weed…

I can hear Hubby laughing, and asking how this is different from any other year, but this should have been cleaned out and planted weeks ago. The seedlings are ready to go, but their home is a mess.

Drastic times call for drastic measures…we’re trying something new.

I’ve heard about this technique in several places, and watched the local farmers use a version of it. This is my take, and a Grand Experiment of sorts.

First, the soil in the bed is forked-up and turned. The weeds get chopped a little,  but not removed.

Next, I laid-down the soaker hose, and covered it with wet newspaper to smother the weeds. The commercial growers use plastic film for weed-suppression. I used last week’s recycling that I forgot to put out…I mean, saved for just this purpose.

Yeah. That’s it…

Next, I tore three holes in the wet paper (and the soil beneath) and popped my seedlings in. Covered the whole thing in straw to help hold down the paper and add to its weed-blocking capabilities. In theory, I’ll be able to turn the whole thing into the bed at the end of the season…Or the beginning of the next season, which is much more likely for me.

I’ll admit, it’s not terribly attractive. Hubby’s not going to be fond of it (he’s on the way home from France, as we speak)…But if he can get a few juicy cantaloupes out of the deal, all will be forgiven…


29 thoughts on “Lazy Garden

  1. I have seen stuff like that. I bought new shoes for the garden, so I am hoping that I can get out there soon. I just need it to stop raining.
    I hope you can some rock melons, I love them, they are so nice.

  2. So practical Marie – I’ve done versions of this and it does work. The plants – particuarly melons and squash grow so quickly that the ground will soon be covered, the straw will mellow and soften, if any weeds do appear they are much easier to pull out as they are usually a bit damp. I think it will work for you, even if it isn’t highly pictureque right now.
    Besides does hubby want to do any weeding 😉

  3. The weeds are really getting out of hand in my squash patch, so I was think of doing this in the paths. I don’t think it looks so bad! And I agree with Claire, the melon vines will take over so quickly, you’ll hardly be able to see the paper.

  4. I, too, have heard of this and there has to be some truth to it. You’ll never know until you try and, if it does work, you’ll be enjoying melon at summer’s end. Fingers crossed!

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