Wildlife Wednesday: Independence Day

Just look at him. So proud of his first fuzzy antlers! You’re a big boy now. Time to go out into the world ALL BY YOURSELF.

Just wish the photo of his Mama kicking at him had turned out…

Happy Independence Day!

(And Happy Birthday, Dad!)


30 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Independence Day

  1. I still find it incredible the animals you get to capture, though I suppose it is no different to me going for a walk in the park and seeing some Kangaroos, that does happen. I like these posts.
    Happy Independence Day, is that the right thing to say?

  2. Yes, even Bambi grew up but what a handsome young buck! He looks healthy, well-fed. I hope he hasn’t been snacking on your garden! He’s not that good-looking.

    • He hasn’t been that close to the house. Sweet Cleo may be getting on in years, but she doesn’t tolerate them in HER yard. This was snapped about 30 seconds before she saw him, and moved him along…

  3. He looks a bit wistful Marie!
    And why isn’t this post showing up in my WP reader! I’m getting a bit fed up with WP at the moment, think I may have to go for a sulk, I keep missing out on great posts or am perpetually late for the party 🙂

    • You might look wistful, too, if your mama wouldn’t let you follow along behind her anymore 😉
      I know what you mean about the reader. I’ve had some luck hitting ‘refresh’ to get posts I know are missing, but the only solution for some – like the Bartolini Kitchens – was to resubscribe and get it by email.
      Frustrating, but less-so than other platforms for blogging. I’m not techincal enough to jump ship.

    • Dear Claire,
      The same thing was happening to me. I sent an email to WordPress support as it is to do with the security setting on their end. For days I could not access my reader. Now well at least for the moment I am good to go! Has this been happening to anyone else?

  4. I feel like the Grinch of Summer, but beautiful as he is, he is a major source of trouble in New Jersey. Many of my friends have abandoned attempts to garden, because the deer eat everything in sight. It’s hard to look at a deer and find him beautiful when I compare his great looks to his destructiveness…

    • I know what you mean, and no, you’re not a Grinch. We’re lucky enough to have a good dog, and don’t have much trouble with them. There’s also plenty of wild food and open space nearby, rather than a close neighborhood of lawns and gardens with little other forage. By some estimates, there are as many white-tailed deer in the US now as there were when the Pilgrims landed…but not nearly as much room to roam and graze. Managed hunting helps, but many communities are simply too densely-populated to allow for it.
      As for the photo, I just catalog the critters that wander through. He showed up and saved me this week, ’cause I got exactly nuthin’ off the trail cameras…I thought I was going to have to use a picture of my grandson instead 🙂

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