The Tale of the Tomatoes

Like Real Estate, the biggest part of gardening is location, location, location…A fact I am re-learning this year.

The Sad Tomato Seedlings are having varying degrees of success. These, in EarthBox planters on the east-facing deck are growing well. They’re sturdy and full of blooms. Watering them daily is helping, I’m sure. (That’s one chore I have no trouble getting Angel to participate in!)

The ones in the garden are about half that size, and the first buds appeared over the weekend.

Oh. The tomato is inside the black ring thingy. Free Friday this week, so the weeds will get evicted then. And they’re not all weeds. Some of them are basils…

Yeah. Mostly weeds.

These two went North to my daughter’s house. Same batch of seedlings. Same rough early treatment. They bloomed a week before the ones on my deck.

Looking good, Butterfly!

Yes, Angel. You too.

But THIS is the one that takes the cake. The one that shouldn’t even be here…

This one came up volunteer in the asparagus bed. Variety yet to be determined. It’s bigger than all of the ones that were so carefully started under the lights in March…

It’s just a very odd year. But I know where I ought to put a new bed of tomatoes!

We’re going to have tomatoes. Lots of them, with any luck.

That’s the Most Important Thing.


22 thoughts on “The Tale of the Tomatoes

  1. I love it when things just grow. I apparently didn’t pick all my potatoes and a whole heap of new plants are growing. Could be good. I hope the same thing happens with tomatoes. haha 🙂

  2. Let’s hope we both get a good crop of tomatoes this year. My plants are great but not many blossoms have set because of all the wet cool weather earlier in the season.

    • On the east side of the house, they’re covered in blooms, and on the west, they’ve barely started. I tried a short-season hybrid this year to see if I could get some better production, but the San Marzano right next to it is just as far along. Go figure, right?

  3. I’ve had some heat-related problems and my tomatoes took a real hit. We’ll see how it goes but I’m not expecting much this year other than cherry tomatoes. It is still early, though, and I’ve been wrong before. I like the planters you’re using for the tomatoes on the back deck. I noticed cracks in mine — hence part of the problems — and ill have to replace them before next season.
    Blueberry picker. Tomato Watcher. That Li’l Angel of yours is becoming quite the gardener.

    • Go look for replacements soon…around here, they’re already on clearance.
      I hope the first of the cherry tomatoes are ready around the time that the blueberries finish up. She needs something to pick (and eat) every morning!

  4. I have a square bed about 3 meters x 3 meters (not sure what that is in inches 🙂 ) next to the house that isn’t deep enough to sustain anything long term and we just throw all the peelings, pips and seeds with anything that has spoilt a little. It brings me such pleasure… we’ve had all sorts come up like gem squash and butternut… and just in the last couple of months two citrus saplings. *Grin* They are like gifts from the Earth blessed by Heaven. *Smile* I love your tomato endeavours and hope you have an abundant crop… Huggs Mands

  5. Angel is growing up fast !
    I’m having mixed results here with the tomatoes – lots of growth on the ones in the G House, but little action, the ones outside on our supposedly sunny deck, well they are small and a long way off. And I love volunteers too! I got some great fennel last year, who knows what will emerge this year 😉

    • Angel is now tall enough to reach every lightswitch in the house…we are constantly reminded of this by being plunged into darkness without warning. 🙂
      I accidentally planted a non-bulbing fennel a couple of years ago. Who knew it would be so happy here? I thought it liked warmer, drier places. Never, ever let the seedlings come up between the pavers on the patio – the bricks have to come out so the taproot can be dug!

  6. I’ve been thinking I might plant tomatoes in my asparagus bed next year. The volunteers I had there did better than any other tomatoes I’ve ever grown.

    Most of yours are looking good! Much better than some of mine, even with the watering we’ve been doing.

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