Wildlife Wednesday: Little One(s)

The dog brought me a present.

Yes, that’s a baby bunny. Yes, he’s wrapped in my shirttail…

Even at her Advanced Age, Sweet Cleo still manages to round up a few of them every summer.

Much to my dismay, and the girl’s delight, Saturday was one of those times.

That blurring isn’t some magic effect I put in. That’s what happens when a camera from a cool, climate-controlled house first meets outside air at a thousand-percent humidity…It clears pretty quickly, but pictures like this won’t wait.

It was completely unharmed, as they always are at first. The dog went back in the house, and the rabbit went into the brushy edge of the yard near the rock pile so it could hide.

Yes, it will probably grow up to come back and eat my plants, but I don’t have the stomach for letting the dog treat it like a squeak-toy.

Eventually, it would ‘break’…

I’d rather not have to explain that part yet…


25 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Little One(s)

  1. Very cute. But aren’t a lot things so much cuter when they are little. I find it hard that the Cleo didn’t harm it either. Maybe she was trying to tell you something, who knows. Maybe she knew that Angel would like it.

    • You got that right…everything’s cuter when it’s tiny!
      Cleo always does this. If I don’t find her with them quick enough, she’ll toss them in the air and play ‘catch’, or set them free just so she can chase them again. She wasn’t happy that I took her toy away…

  2. I was waiting for the line ”…and Angel refused to let it go and now we have a pet rabbit entire house.”

    I’m glad it was unharmed! I thought for sure a baby bird our cat brought in off the balcony once was a goner. When DH attempted to extract it from the cat’s jaws, it flew straight into the kitchen window! (Then I was tasked with capturing it to put outside while he wrangled the cat.)

    • Nope, this ain’t my first rodeo…my kids tried that once when their father unearthed a nest of babies with the lawn mower. Actually called me at work to ask! I suppose they thought it was a sure thing…after all, I was the one who let them keep an abandoned duckling in an apartment back in Florida.
      The granddaughter won’t get a first chance like that. 🙂

      • Haha! How long did the duck last?

        I had a rabbit growing up as a pet. As much as I would find a wild baby rabbit adorable, I know that no matter how well I cared for a pet rabbit, it would not amount to half the life a wild rabbit has the chance at.

  3. Such a nice post to start the day!! Sweet, gentle Cleo, I love that dog!! Angel will always remember this. I was just a little older when Daddy brought a baby bunny from the field. We kept it for a while, then he let it go. You are making wonderful memories for her.

  4. What a summer your Li’l Angel is having! Whether by design or pure happenstance (thank you, Cleo!), you’ve shown her a part of the world she probably would not have seen for years, if ever. You, on the other hand, get to watch her experience the wonder of it all. And I’m with you. As much as I may curse the rabbits for the damage they’ll do, there is no way I could “deal with” a bunny.

    • The very best thing about children is watching them discover…Being Older and Wiser (I hope), I can enjoy it more than I could with my kids.
      Course, it doesn’t hurt that there’s only one of her, not three… 😉

  5. Broken squeaky toys would not be a good thing. Hopefully it will grow up and visit in the other direction from your garden. In the meantime, it must have been a real thrill for Angel.

  6. I have to agree with some of your other comments — it’s amazing that Cleo doesn’t harm them. Such a cute little bunny. I wouldn’t have the stomach (or heart) to see it hurt either. I love the air-brushed shot of Angel. I usually get shots like that in the winter when I bring the camera inside the warm house after spending time in the cold.

    • It’s that retreiver breeding that gives her such a soft mouth. In the days before we had air conditioning in the house, when the doors were open all summer, she would find nests of tiny ones, and bring them in the house one by one. Not a fun ‘gift’ to find in the middle of the dining room floor!

  7. Oh wow – how adorable is that! One of our dogs is from a hunting breed so her instinct is to “fetch” but she too has a soft mouth so doesn´t seem to damage the little birds she brings in to me as gifts!

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