A Mid-July Walk in the Garden

Can it really be the middle of July already? Time is just flying…

This week should begin the harvest frenzy.

The cukes are hale and hearty…

We should have the first of them in the kitchen by mid-week.

Though they have the same name as the French cukes I planted last year (from seeds that Hubby brought home from a Parisian organic gardening show), it’s obvious now that they’re not the same. We’ll know soon enough about the flavor…

The beans and squash are coming along. Didn’t get them weeded on Friday, but it’s not quite a crisis yet…

I’ve bought the last farmer’s market zucchini…this one will be on the table for dinner tonight!

The melons haven’t covered the straw yet, but they seem to be happy…

Hubby didn’t complain about the look of the bed when he got home, by the way. Next year, I may do them all like this…

Got the tomatoes cleaned out.

Didn’t help much…soon? Maybe? Please?

Gotta run this morning – Little Miss got up waaaay early, and there are blueberries waiting to be picked and gobbled…I’ll take you to the upper gardens tomorrow! 



20 thoughts on “A Mid-July Walk in the Garden

  1. A lovely walk around the garden Marie, things are really perking up in your part of the world – I’ve spotted courgette flowers when I went to water the greenhouse today, and a few green tomatoes bravely trying to grow! Looking forward to the rest of the tour 🙂

  2. Things are looking good, Marie. You sure have taken advantage of your Free Fridays. It shows! I bought blueberries from the farmers market on Saturday. There’s just no comparing them to those found in the supermarkets. Small wonder your Li’l Angel cannot resist them. Who could?

  3. I´m back! So sorry – I did resubscribe after my technical glitch a little while back but I seem to have been unsubscribed from some blogs. Thanks for reminding me. Fingers crossed this works. All is looking great, you´ve been working very hard. Where do you find the time?!

  4. It is all looking so good. Looking at what you are doing, and looking at my pathetic garden has made me realise, that I do want to grow some stuff, but maybe not much. I want be so ambitious. You give me so much imspiration.

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