July Walk, Part 2

So, now that the berries are picked, let’s finish looking at the veggies before the heat forces us back inside…

Turn right (north) at the corner of the kitchen garden, and follow the mowed grass to the Upper Garden (That’s what I’m calling it right now, anyway). Sweet Cleo can lead the way.

There’s our destination: the three beds made from recycled curbstones.

Oh, dear. I hope that look on the dog’s face doesn’t mean she’s found another rabbit’s nest…

No bunnies, but as long as she’s directed our attention to the bank, we should check on the mint. The bottomless washtub came from the trash pile across the wall. I have no illusions that it is keeping the mint in check. It’s there to keep the weed-whacker away.

I’d be quite happy if the mints took over that wet, sloppy slope, by the way…

Ah, here we are! Angel would like for everyone to see her pumpkins, that she planted, ALL BY HERSELF…She also says that if Niko wants one, she will share with her Buckethead Cousin, because she loves him SO much…

But ONLY one, you know.

Moving on down the line, the asparagus ferns are lush and green, storing energy to make a great harvest for next spring. The volunteer tomato is a Roma type, and has lots of happy little green fruit on it.

Yeah, the weeds are a nice shade of green, too. They’re going stay a while, though…

Ok, so how do I sow these lovelies to make more? Celi? Help?

(Please note the Small Fingers on the far right…She was very angry that these are Not. Peas.)

Last bed in the row…empty now, except for some baby leeks. I was wrong about onions being safe from becoming animal dinner. Someone’s been tasting them. I’ll pull a few for OUR dinner soon. The bed will be dressed with compost, and the garlic will go back in it in the late fall.

Beyond that, if you keep walking north, is the back field – our current Big Project. Hope to have an update on that by the end of the week!

Before we head inside, let’s wander back to the east side of the house…

I want to check those tomatoes again!


27 thoughts on “July Walk, Part 2

  1. That is some yard you have there, Marie. You could probably fit a least a dozen yards the size of mine in yours. How nice but, also, how much work to keep it looking as good as it does. Amazing you manage to keep it so nice with so few Free Fridays. Wonderful to see how Li’l Angel’s diet has expanded so. Way to go Marie!

    • Well, a lot of the yard is still grass – or grasslike things – and Hubby does the mowing, while I keep the Angel entertained inside. I spent a very long time gardening on postage stamp sized lots before I met him, you know. I went up to see the progress on the back field, and thought to myself, “I’ve had whole gardens that weren’t this big!” Can’t wait to start getting it organized!

  2. Oh, how I love those tomatoes!!! That’s a great picture. I kept up on your brother’s lap top but did not post anything. It’s SO different from my beloved Mac. I enjoyed the garlic piece, no learning is ever wasted. More later….

  3. Is that asparagus you want to sow? I have only ever bought the seeds. and they are VERY easy to grow from seed. I think you could even start them now in the shade with water. But if you have dried seeds on your plants just dry them on the plant, wrap a paper bag around them if you want to be sure not to lose them, pop them in a pot and see what happens.. Are they heirloom plants? if they are then they will grow true to type.. you know you can divide asparagus but it puts you back a few years.. c

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