The Return of Mt. Squashmore (Junior)

Ok, it’s not nearly as impressive as last year, but there are a few healthy, beautiful squash plants in the compost pile…

There are only two vines this time. This one – a Sweet Dumpling, I think…

And this one – a Mystery Squash.

Pardon my shadow, please…

It’s a round one – and that’s all we know right now!


25 thoughts on “The Return of Mt. Squashmore (Junior)

  1. It looks to me like Mother Nature saw how busy you’ve been and decided to send a little reward your way. (Personally, I would’ve preferred a little something from Bacchus but that’s just me.)

  2. Gifts! I sent Sid johns son out to the garden the other day to pick me a couple of zuchinni, he is still learning his vegetables and came back in with two small butternut -unripened .. tiny. i could not help but put my hand to my mouth and gasp! Easy mistake i said. that is fine. But oh dear.. c

    • I’ve already seen evidence of squash bug damage on the zucchini, Greg. It won’t be a monster year for us, either. The winter was too mild to kill them off, and I don’t have time to do surgery on the vines…oh, well.

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